Emmerdale spoilers: Nate Robinson to exit after shocking loss?

Nate Robinson (played by Jurell Carter) quickly made himself known when he first entered Emmerdale, but he could be forced out of the village in upcoming episodes as Cara (Carryl Thomas) gets involved in his love life. However, Nate still hasn’t had the chance to really get to know his dad Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley). Will he leave Emmerdale and lose the chance to really get to know his dad?

Next week Nate will be discharged from the hospital after he was accidentally shot by Cain. 

As ITV soap fans will know, Cain mistook Nate for a farm rustler, leaving his son in the hospital.

Despite his differences with Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) Cain listened to her worries and thought she might be in danger, shooting the intruder. 

Nate will make a full recovery and be allowed to go home after the shooting at Butler’s Farm, but his mum has an agenda that could take him away from the village for good.

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Cain and Nate have had a rough ride since he made his entrance and it hasn’t got much better.

After being hired as a farmhand, Nate managed to start up an affair with Moira before revealing he was Cain’s son. 

The affair ended in a bang when Cain confronted the two on a boat, which blew up just moments after the three escaped. 

Cara arrived quickly after the shooting and before long was blaming Cain for the shooting despite overhearing that it was rustlers that shot him.

In upcoming scenes, Cara will start meddling in other aspects of Nate’s life and have a go at his on-off lover Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) leaving her unimpressed. 

When Nate finds out, he will immediately get defensive and tell his mum she has to stop being judgmental of Tracy’s behaviour. 

Tensions will start to rise as Nate snaps at his mum as he reminds her that Cain’s family didn’t accept her, to begin with, either. 

Cain will step in and tell her Nate should be able to make his own decisions when it comes to his love life, but how will this go down?

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Cara will apologise to Tracy, but drop a bombshell telling her she is leaving the village and is expecting Nate to come with her, but will he leave?

Over the next couple of weeks, Nate will have to choose between Tracy, Cara, and Cain.

But with Cain struggling to accept Nate, will the shooting have changed anything and will Nate finally get the relationship with Cain he wants?

Last week, viewers watched as Cain handed Moira divorce papers after their marriage broke down because of the affair. 

But will this stop Cain from accepting his son for good?


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Elsewhere in the village, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) has finally discovered that her ex-husband Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) is back. 

Pierce has been in jail for the last few years after raping Rhona on their wedding night, but since being back he has also turned into the resident murderer. 

In January he killed Rhona’s boyfriend Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) and now he wants Rhona back. 

But will he take Rhona away from the village with force or will she give in and submit to him? 

Emmerdale continues on ITV tonight at 7pm.

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