Emmerdale viewers spot major Pierce blunder as he plots more bloodshed

Emmerdale viewers have been watching rapist Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) silently wreak havoc for weeks, before revealing his presence in the village and murdering Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

Since then, he's been skulking around the village, seemingly keeping an eye out on his ex Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and trying to protect her from people that have hurt her, or want to.

But Emmerdale fans have been left confused over how nobody in the village has spotted Pierce, especially when he's been slipping in and out of houses – even when residents have been stood just metres away from him.

In tonight's episode, Rhona heard a crash in her house before finding a photo had been knocked over, while viewers saw Pierce lurking in the background of the shot.

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The newly-released prisoner still hasn't been spotted though, despite flitting between houses in the village.

One viewer tweeted: "How has no-one noticed big creepy Pierce in that wee tiny village yet?"

Another wrote: "So nobody has seen him again! After suddenly disappearing the other night I'm beginning to wonder if he really exists. Are we imagining him?"

And a third said: "Unbelievable Pierce hovering about the house and no-one's noticed."

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Someone else commented: "How is no one in the village not seeing Pierce sneaking around?"

A fifth added: "Pierce gets around fast!"

While a sixth joked: "So does Pierce have a teleporting device?"

New Emmerdale spoilers revealed that Pierce is set to target Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) next, grabbing little Johnny and running off with him.

Vanessa is gobsmacked when she spots Pierce outside The Woolpack, but her shock turns to horror when he runs off with Johnny.

But what will happen to the little lad at the hands of the murderer?

Emmerdale continues tomorrow night at 7pm on ITV

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