Emmerdale’s Caleb and Nicky family twist sees fans left with six burning questions

There was definitely drama afoot on Thursday night’s instalment of Emmerdale, when show newcomers Caleb Milligan and Home Farm nanny Nicky were revealed to be father and son after months of intense speculation from fans about their mysterious identities.

Yet in a further twist that nodded to their own impressive heritage, it was also revealed that Caleb was the son of former Home Farm patriarch Frank Tate and was back in the village to claim his birthright from the scheming Kim Tate who had been responsible for his death.

With viewers now aware of their true identities, it brings to an end months of wild theories and ideas about why the pair had moved to the village – but not without sparking several new questions about what this new and exciting twist means going forward.

Here, OK! has broken down the six most burning questions the new plot twist has left us and fans with…

Who is Nicky’s mum?

With Caleb now confirmed to be Nicky’s dad, fans have been left scratching their head over the identity of his mother.

Earlier in the soap, Nicky and Gabby had initially bonded over having both lost parents, and it was one of the main catalysts for helping to pave the way towards their blossoming romance.

However on Tuesday’s episode, fans noticed something suspicious as Nicky and Gabby celebrated their engagement with Laurel Thomas and Bernice Blackstock, as Nicky slipped up twice and referred to his allegedly “dead mother” in the present tense.

Describing his parents as being "happily married”, the nanny was quick to correct himself as he added: "They were… sadly my mum passed away when I was 15. It's one of the things that me and Gabby bonded over, losing a parent.”

“That and wanting to provide for this little beauty [Gabby's son, Thomas]. My mum is beautiful," to which he quickly corrected himself with: "Was beautiful…”

Catching his slip up, many eagle eyed fans were quick to suggest Nicky was lying, and even shared their own theories about who could be his mother, with one popular theory being that it could be Sadie King – a revelation that may cause more drama for her ex-husband Jimmy King.

It was later confirmed on Thursday's episode that Nicky's mum is still alive, as during a heated showdown with Caleb, Nicky hit out at his dad for getting close to Leyla, which he perceived to be a betrayal.

In tense scenes, Nicky threatened to "tell his mam" what Caleb had been doing, and even urged his dad to stop chasing Leyla and focus on "getting the money back" before his mum "ended up homeless."

What does this mean for Nicky’s relationship with Gabby?

As Nicky now has a direct connection to Home Farm and more than enough reason to take aim at Kim Tate, another popular question is what this now means for his blossoming relationship with girlfriend Gabby Thomas.

After resisting the initial pull of attraction while working together in such close quarters, the couple soon embarked on a steamy romance, and have been caught romping all over the farm in recent weeks, prompting pregnancy speculation from some fans, after Gabby was shown to be noticeably nauseous for several days.

Just a few short weeks into their whirlwind romance, Nicky made the bold move of proposing to Gabby, and the pair are now engaged to be married in the coming months.

But given Nicky’s identity reveal and the fact his relationship with Gabby is staged, what has he got planned for her and will he continue their fake engagement?

Could Caleb’s romance with Leyla be doomed before it starts?

In recent days, Caleb Milligan has been seen striking up a solid bond with village resident Leyla Harding, and has even been looking out for her after she was caught up with a dodgy drug dealer.

On Wednesday (April 5th), the friendship even appeared to blossom into something more, with the duo later locking lips in a steamy kiss after sharing a heartfelt moment together.

Fans were no doubt delighted by the scenes, having already noticed the clear chemistry between the pair since they first began speaking, but could their blossoming romance now be doomed before it’s even had a chance to get off the ground?

Following on from Nicky’s comment that his parents are still “happily married” it definitely seems likely, but could Caleb be willing to leave his wife for Leyla?

Could Caleb kill Kim to reclaim his inheritance?

As Kim was directly responsible for Caleb’s father, Frank’s death, when she refused to help him while he was suffering a fatal heart attack back in 1997, another question on everyone’s mind, is just how much Caleb truly knows about his father’s demise.

Fans at home have already seen his ruthless side while protecting Leyla Harding in recent weeks, but could that violent streak extend to murder if he’s seeking vengeance for Kim’s actions?

And if so, could Caleb be hoping to give Kim a taste of her own medicine by killing her to reclaim his birthright and inheritance at home farm?

At this point, murder certainly seems like a long shot, but as Kim herself has been embroiled in a plot before that saw her fake her own death and pin the blame on someone else, could Caleb be willing to go to the same lengths to get his own back?

Is Caleb really a Dingle?

With Caleb’s father now confirmed to be Frank Tate, another common question many fans are asking themselves, is whether or not his mother really was Faith Dingle.

Given the timing of his arrival, Faith had sadly already lost her battle with breast cancer by the time he returned to the village, meaning it was impossible for Faith to either confirm or deny that he was her child.

However, Cain Dingle himself appeared to have confirmed she was indeed his mother, when during Caleb’s initial prison visit it was revealed that Cain had previously been in contact decades earlier to tell him Faith was dead, despite her being alive and well at the time.

Other than one throwaway line in the soap however to mark Caleb’s arrival, neither Cain nor Faith have ever referred to having another sibling or son during their time on the show, prompting many to wonder whether Caleb really is who he claims to be.

Will Jamie or Joe Tate return?

With Caleb’s sights firmly set on reclaiming Home Farm, or at the very least ousting Kim Tate from the iconic estate, another popular question is whether or not Jamie or Joe Tate will return to the soap to also claim a piece of the multi-million pound estate.

Jamie Tate was famously last seen on our screens after faking his own death to evade his mother’s interference in his life, and as a child of Frank Tate he would actually be Caleb’s half brother and entitled to a share of the estate.

Joe Tate meanwhile, is the son of Jamie’s late brother Chris Tate, who himself was a son of Frank, meaning as his surviving child, Joe could also be set to inherit some of his father’s fortune, if Caleb is able to rumble Kim’s foul play, that lead to the Tate patriarch’s death.

While neither Joe or Jamie have been seen on screen for quite some time, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility to wonder if they could be returning, or even perhaps working with Caleb, to help bring down Kim Tate once and for all.

Tune in to Emmerdale on Friday April 7 at 7pm on ITV1 and ITVX.


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