Emmerdale's Ethan Anderson's mum to make bombshell arrival to the village, hints Emile John

EMMERDALE star Emile John has hinted that Ethan Anderson’s mum will make a bombshell arrival in the village. 

The lawyer recently set out on a mission to find his biological mum, who left when he was four years old. 

Ethan asked Manpreet, who was in a relationship with Ethan’s dad Charles 15 years ago, for help but things got messy when Meena Jutla got involved and masqueraded as Ethan’s mother. 

Teasing the arrival of his mother to the village, Emile John told The Sun’s TV Mag: “I think it would be nice if Ethan had a family unit within the show. 

“As much as I love his relationship with Charles I reckon we could see new sides to him if perhaps his mum came on the scene or maybe some other family members, siblings, cousins, dogs, cats, I don’t know, but it would be nice to see other families bring out a different dimension to his character.

“There’s such an element of mystery when it comes to Charles and Ethan because as much as we’ve gotten used to seeing parts of them, there’s just a bit of back story that I would love to uncover," he continued.

“Who are they? Where have they come from? What is the deal with Ethan’s mum? I would love for these things to come to the surface a bit more."

Viewers know that Charles appears to know where Ethan’s mother is after he spoke to her on the phone and warned her to stay away. 

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Talking about whether Ethan would ever forgive Charles if he discovered he was lying, Emile added: “I think Ethan has such a strong moral compass and such a strong sense of justice so I do feel like the love he has for his father will outweigh any negative feelings but he will definitely make Charles aware of the fact that he’s messed up or done wrong and Charles will have to bare the brunt for that.

The actor has been nominated for Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards 2021 for his performance as Ethan.

Speaking about how excited he is for the ceremony, he revealed: “In terms of actors my heart would skip a beat if I met David Tennant, it would be incredible. I know he was at an NTA show previously, but meeting him would be incredible. 

“I was obsessed with Doctor Who when he was the Doctor. Also, I might want to meet Maya Jama and see what she’s saying, she’s great at what she does and she’s very easy on the eye as well.”

Read the full interview in the TV Mag NTAs special, available exclusively with The Sun on Saturday.

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