Emmerdale's Gabby Thomas admits she's in love with Leyla Harding – but she misses it completely

EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Gabby Thomas admitted to being in love with Leyla Harding – but Leyla missed it completely.

The student – who is played by actress Rosie Bentham in the ITV soap – admitted she had feelings for a fellow student “Michael” to Leyla in tonight’s episode.

But it soon became clear that Gabby was actually talking about Leyla.

She said: “I thought he liked me, like really liked me, Michael. I thought he was way out of my league but he just got me. 

“He looked after me the other night, I thought he was different. It might sound lame but I thought we had something so I stupidly asked him out but he’s not interested. 

“Of course he isn’t, who wouldn’t be interested in someone like me?”

Leyla, missing the obvious signs that Gabby letting slip the object of her obsession wasn’t a boy, told her: “You shouldn’t feel stupid, he should. 

“For not realising how lucky he is for having someone as special as you be interested in him. He needs his head testing.

“Well you’ve got Laurel and you’ve got me. Sometimes when you care about someone when they need you, they’ve got to change your plans.”

Leyla cancelled her plans with Liam and went to thank him for being understanding as he left.

But as she was outside, Michael called Gabby and she told him to leave her alone and that she wasn’t interested.

It was enough for viewers to realise that Gabby is in love with Leyla.

One wrote: "Anyone else thinking Gabby has a bit of a crush on Leyla?"

A second said: "Has Gabby got a thing for Leyla then because this behaviours creepy"

Another insisted: "Gabby needs stop with lying and manipulate cos Layla is genuine trying to help her!"

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