Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins says it’s touch and go for Victoria as she’s held hostage

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Emmerdale viewers will be on the edge of their seats this week as a terrifying siege overtakes the village and leaves soap favourites Victoria and Wendy in big danger.

After Wendy’s evil ex Russ arrives at The Hide with a shotgun in tow demanding money, he takes the pair hostage, and the situation quickly escalates.

As crowds gather and armed police arrive on the scene, a gunshot rings out around the Dales – leaving Emmerdale viewers worried whether Victoria and Wendy will make it through.

Isabel Hodgins, who stars as Victoria, has teased the tense scenes, admitting it’s touch or go for both her long-running character and Wendy.

The 27-year-old explains: “It’s terrifying as they don’t know which way it’s going to go, or how far Russ will take it.”

She adds: “Then there’s a gunshot. It’s going to be an edge-of-your-seat few episodes…”

Speaking about her popular alter-ego’s future on the soap, Isabel also said: “Victoria has got so much to live for and for that to possibly be taken away from her is awful.

"If it was one's time [to leave] it would be bittersweet, because you'd be gutted to be leaving but also thinking this is so juicy and it's going to be great."

Meanwhile Susan Cookson, who plays Wendy, said fans are right to fear for what’s to come.

She explained: “There's that element of if it's gonna go wrong, it's gonna go really wrong and not just for him, but for us two as well.

"So it is a really scary situation and he is terrifying, and there's no pleading to his better nature because he's like a cornered animal.

“And at any point it feels like it's a case of, if he's' gonna go down, he is taking us with him.”

Elsewhere, Rob Jarvis, who plays new villain Russ, agrees that viewers should be wary about how far his character would go – although he says he doesn’t think it was Russ’ initial intention to harm anyone.

He says: "I don’t think he wants to shoot anybody, he doesn’t even want it to escalate to that degree, he just needs the money. He sees the gun as a sort of last resort really in terms of getting that money.”

Rob adds: “I guess he would be capable of using the gun if push came to a very big shove as he really is desperate. I can confirm then there is a gunshot, what has he done?!”

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