Eurovision final 2021 LIVE: James Newman represents the UK and Italy, France and Malta favorites to win – updates

EUROVISION fans are eagerly excited for Eurovision 2021 after last year's singing competition was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The 2021 edition takes place at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam and will see 26 of the remaining countries battle it out for the prestigious prize.

The UK will be represented by the talented James Newman with his song Embers in tonight's final.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, he said: “Embers is about those sparks that don’t die out. When we were writing this, it felt like I wanted to show everyone that we were coming back together.

“It’s about having that connection and something reigniting. It’s about us emerging from this rubbish time we’ve been having. It fits with the idea that Eurovision is coming back.”

Italy, France and Malta are among the favourites to win this year's contest, based on odds from Paddy Power.

Other front runners include Switzerland and Iceland.

Follow our Eurovision 2021 live blog for all the latest updates from Rotterdam…

  • Carl Greenwood


  • Carl Greenwood


    There’s never a gust of wind powerful enough to whip up some air and carry an annoyance off, when you need one, is there?

    It's like an East 17 video.

    East 17 from now – not the 90s.

  • Carl Greenwood


    There’s something very confident about just singing the name of a famous spy. Note, I said ‘confident’ and not ‘good’.

    Maybe next year we should just send Adele and she can sing 'James Bond' for three minutes.

  • Carl Greenwood


    Oh angsty. How unusual.

    I don't actually mind this but then I'm quite a fan of people wailing at me in a lace boob tube in a language I only understand every other word of.

    It was like family dinners at my ex's.

  • Carl Greenwood


    Don’t be so ridiculous. She’s singing like she’s in a Shonda Rhymes drama. Shush for crying out loud.

    Either sing in a way that doesn't require medication to keep up with, or just shush.

    And she's another one who didn't have an hairdryer backstage.

    Are the Dutch on a budget?

    And more importantly will General Zod be joining her in the green room?

  • Carl Greenwood


    Will someone PLEASE stop these ceaseless and pointless interruptions?

    I know the hosts have to justify their fees but goodness me just do it by running a hoover around or something.


  • Carl Greenwood


    I’m scared of this. I just don’t understand. And I dislike that shade of yellow.

    I feel as if this is something from a Black Mirror episode based on Butlins.

  • Carl Greenwood


    What can you say about a song written about such a serious and personal subject?

    I suppose I don’t mind it for sheer literacy.

    It's like the Eurovision equivalent of an X Factor sob story – you know from when they were like 'I'm an orphan who survived the plane crash that wiped out my entire family' and not 'I work in cold meats at Tesco'.

  • Carl Greenwood


  • Carl Greenwood


    Are they OK? It’s very 2006 teenagers bedroom, isn’t it?

  • Carl Greenwood


  • Carl Greenwood


    Presumably because he's not having to listen to himself perform.

  • Carl Greenwood


    I’m not going to say it’s the worst thing Germany have ever done.

    But let’s just say it doesn’t help.

  • Carl Greenwood


    According to our Graham, one of these backing dancers looks like Michael McIntyre lost a bet.

    Ouch. I mean, accurate, but ouch.

    What's the backing dancer ever done to you, Graham?

  • Carl Greenwood


    I mean I don’t HATE it. But I’m very clear on not wanting to know what she really means when she’s saying sugar.

  • Carl Greenwood


    Presented without comment…

  • Carl Greenwood


    DULL. I lapsed into a light coma during this. I feel like the large moon fell and hit me. I say feel more wished for.


    And no, TWITTER – I don't care if he's attractive.

  • Carl Greenwood


    This is ridiculous so it should win.

    I do fear they are cursed though – what with the whole being favourites and then being cancelled.

    And then coming back strong and getting covid.

    It'll be the jumpers.

  • Carl Greenwood


    Firstly those trousers are a crime. Secondly – must we suffer this? 

    You'd think it would be quite difficult to take against someone just living their best life – but it's not.

    Much like Blanche from Corrie (RIP, queen) I take pleasure in the misfortune of others. And this is a lot of misfortune for a lot of people.

    All this wailing. It's sort of like Christine and the Queens but if Christine was called Sharon and she was without any queens.

  • Carl Greenwood


    That glitter will have to be washed on its own or she’ll be finding it in her laundry for months.

    I have no idea what's going on or why she's dancing with a pair of tights.

    It's like an episode of Doctor Who from 1973 and not in a fun way.

    Poor love looks lost up there.

  • Carl Greenwood

    IT'S US!

    Now I know I should be loyal but there are people dancing with trombones and the less said about that rain mac the better. I suppose it’s wipe clean and covid secured at least.

    I mean it's better than Bonnie bloody Tyler or Scooch or whatever that mess was.

    I hope it does well – it should when we send actually talented people like James Newman.

  • Carl Greenwood


    Shouldn't be allowed to present things.

    I don't care what is doing well on the internet – AND I'M LITERALLY ON THE INTERNET.

    Instead of messing about with all these interruptions, let's just crack on and we can all be in bed by 10pm with a new winner.

    Or we could listen to someone with 14 million followers annoy us.

  • Carl Greenwood


    Sort of like an alternative reality Little Mix. From Serbia. And nowhere near as good.

    Did someone let that beauty vlogger at them before the show?

  • Carl Greenwood


    Is that a cowboy hat?

    Cowboys are a bit 2016, don’t you think? That said, you’re about the only place we can go on holiday too SO GIVE THEM ALL THE POINTS.

    Give them your first born if you must. Even if they insist on being in black and white.

  • Carl Greenwood


    They've never won before – but they have come second a couple of times.

    This could do it – after all everyone is sat at home and it's not misery-inducing so it could cheer us all up.

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