Ex-Big Brother star warns against fox eye lift trend as op ‘nearly blinded him’

An ex-reality TV star claims a "botched" fox eye lift almost caused him to go blind.

Ryan Ruckledge, who was a contestant on Big Brother 17 and featured on the 12th series of the X-Factor, has taken to TikTok to share his scary ordeal.

The Blackpool lad decided to get the ‘fox eye’ lift, which aims to lift the outside corners of the eyes to give the illusion of a slimmer looking face.

However, Ryan warned the procedure left him with a six month infection and alleged that he nearly caught sepsis and suffered vision loss.

In the clip that has now racked up 227,000 views, the lad explained: “If you’re considering getting fox eye threads done, do not get them done because I nearly ended up with sepsis.”

Ryan then shared a snap from just after he had the procedure, which left the side of his forehead pulled back and scrunched.

He continued: “It took me six months to get rid of the infection, I got infected in my eyes, all at the side of my face.

"My face went swollen, my eyes went puffy. I had black eyes, I ended up on a drip in the hospital.

"[I was on] antibiotics, steroids and it was not budging."

Ryan then shared another snap of what he looked like after surgery, which showed him with red puffy under eyes and lumps at the side of his head.

Ryan urged: “Do NOT get fox eye threads. I could have gone blind!

"PLEASE SHARE AND WARN OTHERS! I was so lucky it never went to sepsis.”

Horrified by Ryan’s reaction to the face filler, many people fled to the comments to send their well wishes and thank him for bringing light to the potential dangers of getting a fox eye lift.

One person commented: “Thank you for sharing. Hope you are OK.”

Another user added: “My heart. Thank you for sharing awareness! The most risky procedure!! Glad you’re good now.”

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A third person voiced: “Finally someone raising awareness. Speedy recovery.”

Someone else shared: “Have had this done twice. Nothing but a waste of money and a MESS and it dropped after 24 hours. Glad you’re ok!”

And, a fifth user fretted: “Omg hope you’re ok! Was literally wanting this done as well!”

So how risky are fox eye lifts? Like with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks.

Harley Street doctor Lesley Reynolds spoke to OK about the trend, noting: "Thread lifts are most often and successfully used for facial rejuvenation, and I believe this treatment can be an excellent and far less risky alternative to traditional facelift surgery.

"However, inserting threads into the temple area and around the eyes is still relatively new so most experts believe more research and better techniques are needed.

"Unlike other areas of the face, the skin around the brow and outer corner of the eye is already quite tight, while the brow area is quite bony, making the skin difficult to lift. In some patients scar tissue can encapsulate around the threads, which means they cannot be dissolved successfully. This can cause ripples and lumps under the skin.

"In other patients, lifting the skin can often cause folding and puckering, as the skin has nowhere to go once it has been pulled up – unlike surgery when excess skin is excised. If the threads are not inserted correctly, there can be a loss of sensation in the area.

"Another common risk is lopsided brows with one brow being lifted more than the other. Results can also be inconsistent and unpredictable. The treatment changes the shape of the brows and eyes and alters the natural contours of the face. This often raises the eyebrows too high, leaving the patient with a “Spock from Star Trek” look.

"Even when patients get a result they are happy with it, it may last as little as a few weeks – expensive for something so fleeting."

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