Expert says Love Island Sharon’s feelings for Hugo are ‘genuine and will grow’

Love Island fans were left rather confused this week when beauty queen Sharon Gaffka confessed to her pal Kaz Kamwi that she may have a thing for PE teacher Hugo Hammond.

Although Sharon and Hugo started off together in the initial coupling stages, the brunette bombshell quickly ruled him out as a potential romantic partner and suggested that they would be better off as friends.

Sharon, 25, then set her sights on luxury events planner Aaron Francis, but although the pair had a steamy romance, things rapidly fizzled out and Aaron decided to call it quits.

But due to the fact that Sharon suddenly has an interest in Hugo, relationship and dating expert Alex Mellor-Brook has spoken exclusively to Daily Star to muse over whether Sharon's affections are in fact genuine.

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Alex explained: "Initially Both Sharon and Hugo needed to stay on the island so it was an ideal scenario to couple up as 'friends' as they’ve been through a lot together.

"What we’re now seeing is a genuine friendship building between Sharon and Hugo, normally this takes weeks to happen in the outside world, but because they’re living in each other's pockets things are moving much quicker."

The expert believes Sharon is looking for someone who is intellectual and who can converse well.

Alex continued: "Neither of them had any expectations from each other, but there’s clearly been some kind of 'trigger' for Sharon because she wants someone who is intelligent, who asks questions, who converses well and she gets on with and she’s had this eureka moment that Hugo ticks a lot of boxes for her in terms of what she’s looking for in a relationship.

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"The last couple of days we’ve seen Sharon drop her guard and open up and this is a good thing because she’s realising that actually there could be something more here and actually the 'nice guy' is the one she wants to be with.

"I believe it’s a genuine moment for Sharon and these feeling will continue to grow the more time she spends with Hugo.

"Ultimately having a friendship first without the expectations attached is quite often the ones who will develop into something long term.

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"The big question is will her head be turned by someone more aesthetically her type on paper or will she allow her relationship with Hugo to grow further into something potentially quite special?"

As couples begin to form more serious bonds in the villa, fans have questioned Sharon's motives, as some believe she may be using Hugo to secure her place.

Taking to Twitter one fan penned: "Sharon is using Hugo and I ain’t for it tbh. She literally made him cry a few days. Fake asf."

While another said: "Sharon best leave Hugo alone. Don’t try to fake that you like him, please. Don’t use him if that’s what you’re trying to do."

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