Fans Concerned After 16-Year-Old Alabama Barker Revealed She Was Partying At 3 AM On A Thursday

Are fans overreacting or should Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler be concerned?

Their 16-year-old daughter, Alabama Barker, is taking heat yet again on social media, this time for sharing her late-night adventures. The teen took to her Instagram Story to show that she and her besties were partying. She was seen in the video sitting down while she sang in the background:

“Yeah, we still outside. We still outside.”

The only issue? The timestamp showed this was taking place at at 3:05 a.m. On a Thursday (aka Friday morning). There was nothing clearly illicit about the hangout, but celeb or not, Alabama is still a minor at just 16 years old. Should she be up so late on a school night? Hey, maybe she didn’t have school the next day! Lots of teens stay up late now and then, but less share it on social media.

Check out a screenshot (below)! You can also see the video while it lasts HERE.

This isn’t the first time Alabama has drawn attention for what some fans feel is acting older than her age. As more eyes turn to her IG feed in the wake of her dad’s high-profile relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, fans have been concerned to see her upload increasingly provocative pics. In the last month, haters have filled her IG comment section with messages like:

“Omg @travisbarker – police ya gurl. SHES 16”

“This is a child and its sad”

“Teenage dreams for predators.”

The controversy has gotten so bad that some fans don’t think Alabama should be hanging out with her soon-to-be stepsister Penelope Disick! When the teen and the 9-year-old made a light-hearted now-deleted TikTok together in November, viewers begged the fashionista not to “influence” the little one, warning:


“DRAGGING HER INTO FAME. She looks so nervous.”


Innerestingly, none of this backlash seems to be stopping Barker from living her life in the way she pleases. Last month, she posted a sexy snapshot to the ‘gram seemingly referencing the trolls in her caption, remarking:

“To busy to care”

A post shared by Alabama Luella Barker (@alabamaluellabarker)

But what’s she too busy doing? Staying up till dawn? Just saying!!

Obviously, there are a lot of factors at play here — and decisions about Alabama’s life should be left out of fans’ hands who don’t know anything about the behind-the-scenes aspects of her day to day plans. But they do bring up some (potential) causes for concern for parents in general. We mean, it’s one thing for a college student to party until 3 a.m. on a Thursday, but…

Should Travis and Shanna be stepping in more? Or do you think they have a handle on it — and it’s no one else’s business? Let us know your take in the comments (below)!

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