Florence Pugh Was ‘So Surprised’ to Learn This About Herself While in Lockdown

Florence Pugh is on the cover of Elle UK‘s June 2020 issue, out on Thursday (May 7).

Here’s what the 24-year-old Little Women star had to say…

On when the Black Widow cast was revealed at San Diego’s Comic-Con: “I was scared because my Russian accent was going to be out there and I didn’t know what it sounded like. I’m also playing a character who no one’s seen before but they’ve read about her; I didn’t know whether people were going to hate me. We [Scarlett Johansson] both stood there and I instantly had clammy, sweaty hands. Scarlett gave me her hand and we squeezed each other, and she also had clammy hands! And then I was like, ‘Oh, this never gets old. This is just as powerful [for you] and you’re their legend.’”

On being in the ‘right’ shape for the role: “When I got the job, I wanted to know what the regime was. I wanted to know whether it was them or me calling the shots. That was a big deal for me. I didn’t want to be part of something where I was constantly checked on. And people making sure I was in the ‘right’ shape. That’s not me at all.”

On what she’s learnt about herself in lockdown in LA: “I was so surprised by how unkind I am to myself! Living in lockdown I found there’s no point or energy in being annoyed at yourself for not reading that book, writing that song or working out that day. I’m teaching myself to find joy as much as I can and ease in these open long days. Cooking has been my saviour! When the world lockdown started and it obviously got serious very quickly, I found myself desperate to chop. Feed. Eat. Repeat!”

She recently participated in this fun, star-filled challenge at home.

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