Former Bond girl admits Roger Moore saved her life after terrifying bikini blaze

Former Bond girl Britt Eckland has admitted that actor Roger Moore saved her life whilst the pair were on set filming for James Bond.

Swedish blonde Britt played Bond’s assistant Mary Goodnight in the 1973 film The Man With The Golden Gun, but had also previously appeared in 1967’s Casino Royale with ex-husband Peter Sellers.

When Roger died in 2017, Britt paid tribute to the actor and recalled one event in which he potentially saved her life.

She said that there were "many reasons to adore Roger" because he was "so much fun, very tall, very handsome, kind," and "a class act who made filming a joy".

However, her admiration extended further than this after he saved her from a fire.

Britt reflected on the moment he "literally saved her life", explaining: "We were shooting the scene where we were escaping from Scaramanga’s island with a series of controlled explosions and pyrotechnics. It was a burning hell. We walked through the scene in rehearsal several times and each explosion was timed precisely."

She continued: "I was in a bikini, of course, and wearing wedge heels which made it tough to run. When the cameras started rolling, I was too slow and one explosion went off right under my bottom and singed my bikini.”

"My instinct was to cover my face and roll down to the floor, and if you watch the movie you can see me start to go down. Roger grabbed my hand and pulled me up to safety and carried me along to finish the scene unscathed."

She said that "another actor" might have "told her off or made some sort of comment," but Roger never mentioned the incident to her again and was "always ready with a hug and a kind word".

Britt then said that they remained friends over the next 40 years and was even accepting of his fourth wife Kristina Tholstrup, which she said proved his "taste".

The actress also said that he "told the most wonderful jokes" which were "never crude" and that she will "always cherish" her friendship with him.

Britt then called him "her Bond" and admitted that she will "carry him in her heart forever".

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