'Friends' Reunion: This HBO Max Free Trial Lets You Watch for Free

Friends is a TV show that, for many, perfectly defines the ’90s and early 2000s. Not only did the series make instant stars out of actors like Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer, but it introduced a slew of fun catchphrases into the cultural lexicon and practically reinvented the way that sitcoms were viewed.

Now, with the Friends reunion special on HBO Max set to start streaming on May 27, fans are more excited than ever. Still, for those who don’t want to shell out a hefty monthly subscription fee to HBO Max just to watch the reunion, there is a way to catch up with all the fan-favorite characters. 

What do fans know about the ‘Friends’ reunion special?

Friends: The Reunion was announced in early 2020, well before HBO Max even launched. Showrunners for the streaming service revealed that they would begin production on the special immediately — but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed things for almost a full year.

Now, with much of the world back to work and TV and film projects beginning to pick up again, it’s full steam ahead for the reunion special, which has a newly-set streaming release date of May 27. 

There is a lot that fans don’t know about Friends: The Reunion. Still, some information has been revealed over the past few weeks, including the fact that the special will be an “unscripted reunion” between all the original stars of Friends, reminiscing about their days filming the show.

Reportedly, the special will also feature various props and set pieces, as well as a slew of guest stars — many of whom appeared as guests in the original series. Some of the guest stars that have been announced include Tom Selleck, BTS, Reese Witherspoon, Kit Harrington, and Lady Gaga. 

Where will the ‘Friends’ reunion special be streaming?

While some fans are not thrilled about the format of the reunion special, complaining that an unscripted sit-down between the Friends actors isn’t really enough to drum up excitement, there are plenty of original viewers who are overjoyed at the opportunity to see everyone together once again. With a brand-new teaser trailer that dropped on May 13, promising lots of nostalgia, it seems likely that the show will break some streaming records for HBO Max.

Notably, the special will only be dropping on HBO Max, and will reportedly not be available on other streaming platforms or cable services. HBO Max is $14.99 a month, and while the streaming service offered a free trial period in days past, they recently discontinued their initial free trial period.

Still — for diehard Friends fans who want to catch the special without a big commitment, there is a loophole. 

How can viewers watch the ‘Friends’ reunion for free?

According to CordCutterNews, while HBO Max doesn’t currently offer a free trial subscription, there is a way to watch the Friends special for free. The report notes that fans can get a 7-day free trial through Hulu with HBO Max since Hulu offers HBO Max as a premium add-on.

This would allow viewers to take advantage of the free trial with both services, and catch up on all their most-anticipated shows, including Friends: The Reunion Special. As with HBO Max, after the 7-day free trial ends, the subscription automatically renews for $14.99 per month.

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