Frugal Jeremy Clarkson claims he only has one pair of shoes

In his column for The Times, Jeremy Clarkson said: “I have that gene. I do not enjoy spending money, which is why I have one pair of shoes that I have worn every day for the last six years.

“My car is 17 years old. And my laptop may as well be made by Remington. If you have something that still works, I cannot for the life of me work out why you would want to replace it.”

To most people’s despair he claimed: “That’s why I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon glueing the handle back on a mug.”

However, despite this, the journalist and presenter is said to have amassed a personal fortune worth well over £50 million, with both Amazon and ITV reportedly paying him a combined £13 million each year.

His impressive net worth spanning over a 35-year career has meant Jeremy has spared no expense building the perfect family home close to his Diddly Squat farm.

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The property is located on the site of Curdle Hill Farmhouse, a £4 million five-bedroom property dating back to the early 1900s.

Reportedly filled with unique features, the mansion boasts a classic-style interior – which he regularily posts on Instagram.

Although, he did admit: “Of course, all of this white rose parsimoniousness means that over the years, I have managed to squirrel away some savings, which I know will be needed one day.”

Despite his penny pinching, Jeremy does enjoy some of the finer things in life, stating bluntly: “Always fly first class. Or your children will.”

Jeremy is a father of three with ex-wife Frances Cain, who he divorced in 2014.

He is currently dating Lisa Hogan, 49, who is an actress and screenplay writer.

She features on his Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm.

The pair were recently spotted seemingly on a private jet whilst holidaying in Africa.

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