FTN Bae Insists She Wont Stop Fighting for Her Son Despite Doodie Los Defamation Lawsuit

The singer/dancer, who accused the OFT member of sexually assaulting her son, claims her child told her about the alleged incident two months after it happened.

AceShowbizFTN Bae is not giving up. Despite being sued by her ex Doodie Lo for defaming his character with child molestation allegations, the singer/dancer publicly declared that she won’t stop fighting for her son.

On Friday, December 17, Bae shared a November recording of her trying to convice her son to tell the alleged incident in which Lo sexually assaulted him. However, her child burst into tears, prompting her to cry as well. In the caption, she fumed, “This is why i believe THIS is why i’m FIGHTING for JUSTICE!”

“this is one of many clips (cause i’ve been recording during this process for the police & his therapist ) that i have of him crying out to me about WHAT HES GOING THROUGH. THIS IS ABOUT MY CHILD NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. And IM WILLING TO DO WHATEVER i can for my son & my actions have spoken for that,” she stressed. “UNFORTUNATELY due to my sons age being that he’s under 7 his statement is not enough to hold in court (by law) as it would have been if someone older were to say the same thing.”

“ALSO because the lack of physical evidence. i STATED that i found out 2 MONTHS after. i took my son to a GASTROENTEROLOGIST in November who said he could perform a COLONOSCOPY but informed me that it’s a very painful procedure that he would have to go under for AND he advised me the way tears & cuts heal as compared to a cut on the skin,” the musician artist added. “he told me that my WINDOW for physical evidence would have been 2 WEEKS i found out 2 MONTHS LATER!!”

Not stopping there, Bae continued to air out her frustration in the comment section. “Unfortunately FOR THE LAW IT WASN’T ENOUGH VALID EVIDENCE THAT CAN HOLD HIM IN JAIL! JUST BECAUSE Someone DONT GET CAUGHT DOESN’T MEAN HE DIDN’T DO THE CRIME,” she raged. “he declined to taking the lie detector test on the THAT HE CALLED UP & demanded 20,000$ for him to do it.”

Noting that Lo is “suing [her] for 15 million,” Bae said she’s not afraid of it and her “lawyers put a motion to dismiss it because he has no proof of me DEFAMING his character.” She further elaborated, “that lil lawsuit that doesn’t mean anything there is no verdict on it yet. Also because i went to the police that’s more proof that i’m simply stating what I BELIEVE!”

“The case is STILL OPEN ITS NOT CLOSED he’s just not getting arrested as of now but it’s still OPEN for any new evidence that could come like ANOTHER GIRL SPEAKING UP!” Bae concluded her lengthy message. “i started the process taking all the punch’s and that’s ok cause there isn’t 1 battle i wouldn’t fight for my KID!”

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