Fuming women want ‘humiliating’ Karen gift sets removed from shelves

Women with the name Karen have been protesting against a “humiliating” new range of gifts and cards which they want removed from shelves.

In the last few years the name Karen has gone from being a common British moniker to being associated with over-privileged women who demand to speak to managers and belittle serving staff.

Which isn’t a nice association for kind people who so happen to have been christened Karen when they were born.

This has led to women up and down the country becoming furious at a range of Karen-themed items which they say subjects them to ridicule.

The pens, badges, cards and even a merch reading “shut the f*** up Karen” are currently on sale at Love Layla – a Yorkshire-based online card and gifts shop.

Other creations include “Don’t be a Karen” mugs and pens and a mug, bag and card printed with the sentence: “Hello, my name is Karen. Please can I speak to your manager?”

It’s not all negative though as one mum fights the Karen cause and is emblazoned with the phrase: “be more Karen.”

Karen Lewis, 45, from Leeds said: “Being labelled in this way I find annoying as I don't think I'm such a Karen really.

"In my opinion, saying that all Karens fit the stereotype is a form of public humiliation and this range of products, although it’s meant to be funny, supports this.

"It can be quite offensive in everyday situations, such as when people think it’s okay to call out your name for no reason other than they find it amusing.

"If anything, the whole Karen movement has actually made me more self-conscious if I do complain about anything now, so I’m far less inclined to do it!”

The founder of Love Layla, Stacey Dennis, claims her firm has received angry calls and messages from Karens.

She said: "We've had lots of messages from raging Karens, sometimes demanding to speak to management to complain that we are selling items bearing their name.

"Some will no doubt have been sent or gifted the items by friends or colleagues as a bit of a laugh, which after the last 18 months, is something we all need desperately.

"They seem to think that our products are insulting and rude towards them. We just see it as a bit of fun – as do our customers who have cleaned us out of stock on one Karen item on two occasions already.”

Love Layla now has a special email address for any Karens who want to complain: canIspeaktoyourmanager@lovelayla.co.uk

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