Furious Piers Morgan slams Crimewatch’s Sue Cook after she shares ‘garbage’ coronavirus conspiracy theory about deaths

FURIOUS Piers Morgan slammed Crimewatch's Sue Cook after she shared a "garbage" coronavirus conspiracy theory about the death rates.

The 55-year-old star could not hide his anger as he took to Twitter to slam the "appalling" comments from the 71-year-old TV presenter.

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Sue had shared a screenshot of Public Health England's All-Cause Mortality Surveillance, which claimed that there was "no statistically excess all-cause mortality by week of death observed" in the final week of 2020.

She captioned the image: "So why on earth are we going through this hell? The spike was back in April.

"Now everything is as it usually is. ‘Cases’ aren’t necessarily illnesses and they are not resulting in any more deaths than usual for this time of year."

She added: "This is Public Health England data."

Piers was shocked by the remarks, retweeting her original message and adding: "This can't be the real Sue Cook, surely? If it is, when did she turn into David Icke?

"Imagine being a NHS hero going through hell on a covid ICU reading this 'everything is as it usually is' garbage? Just appalling."

It comes shortly after Piers lashed out at the UK's "scandalously bad" government after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a third national lockdown – one day after insisting millions of primary school children returned to school.

The GMB presenter ranted: "So, just hours after Boris Johnson assured us schools are 'safe' and will stay open, he shuts them all.

"But only after allowing them to be open for one day so everyone could infect each other & take the virus home to their older relatives.

"This is scandalously bad government."

Piers has been one of the government's toughest critics about their handling of the ongoing pandemic, which resulted in several ministers boycotting the ITV breakfast show last year.

Piers also holds other stars to account for spreading dangerous messages, reigniting his feud with Kirstie Allsopp this week after she tweeted that trampolining was more dangerous to children than coronavirus.

She wrote: "Covid is a horrible disease but it is very, very, very rare for it to impact children.

"They are still at far more danger from journeys in cars, or swimming, or trampolining than Covid. Please do not let anyone persuade you otherwise."

Piers tweeted: "Of all the people I least want to hear from when it comes to expert advice on coronavirus, TV estate agent Kirstie Allsopp and her cretinous trampoline analogies are top of the list."

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