Garden Rescue's Charlie Dimmock horrified as crew nearly smash tribute to woman's late husband

GARDEN Rescue's Charlie Dimmock was left horrified when her team nearly smashed a tribute to a woman's late husband.

The gardening expert, 54, and the Rich brothers were on a mission to transform guest Maureen's "boring" backyard for just £3,000.

The 70 year old moved to the market town of Biggleswade in Bedfordshire to be closer to her daughter.

She used to live in Spain and had built up a "garden of joy" with fruit trees and lots of colour with her late husband Graham.

But Maureen moved back to the UK when she sadly lost her beloved other half two years ago.

As she reminisced about the times they had together, she said: "Graham was a carpenter/joiner by trade, and he was a master craftsman.

“That’s how we met, he did work at my house for me. He had a wicked sense of humour.

“I don’t know what I can say about him, he had the most amazing smile and that’s what I miss most, his smile."

Maureen added: "What I would like from the garden here, is a nice seating area where I can just sit and think about him, I suppose."

After pitching their ideas to the Garden Rescue guest, Maureen decided to go with Charlie's beautiful design which was an elegant central patio with a Mediterranean touch, a potting corner, a quirky wooden screen and two striking stones as a central focal point.

As the work got under way, the team realised that they had a tough job ahead of them.

Not only did it start raining as soon as they got started, but the crew also managed to give Charlie a fright while transporting the £300 boulders into their new home.

Charlie shouted "Put it down, put it down!" as the three men struggled to keep hold of the tributes.

When they were safely placed on the floor Charlie said: "It’s so easy just to draw a big monolith like that.

"Boop, there you go and then you’ve got to get them in… they’re quite heavy."

Maureen was over the moon with the results.

Holding back the tears she said: “Oh, my God. Charlie, what have you done?

“I can’t believe it, I can’t believe what you have done. I am sorry, I just can’t believe it."

Charlie replied: "Well, I think that’s a good result… that we made you cry.”

The hit BBC show will return to our screens this month with a new brand series – but there is quite a big shake-up that will shock fans.

Garden designers Lee Bukhill, Flo Headlam and Chris Hul will be joining Charlie on the show, meaning that it's Arit Anderson and the Rich brothers, final season.

The new series starts on May 24 2021.

Watch the next episode of Garden Rescue next Wednesday at 7pm on BBC One.


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