Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan bravely shows off her acne in make-up free pic

GEORDIE Shore's Holly Hagan has bravely shown off her acne in a make-up free selfie.

The reality star, 28, has been very open about her battle with beauty dysmorphia in the past and took to Instagram earlier today to open up about something else that's been bothering her.

The northern lass, who has been documenting her skin journey on Instagram to show that it's ok to not have perfect skin, shared a stunning unedited selfie with her 3.8m followers which showed she had some spots on her chin.

Underneath the snap, Holly wrote a lengthy caption explaining how she's finally learnt to love herself for who she is.

She wrote: "It’s taken a long time for me to learn to love and accept myself. I would have never been able to post a photo like this in the past but now that I can I really want to help others do the same 🙏🏼

"That’s why I was so excited to be taking part in @superdrug podcast 'The Beauty of it all' with host @vicknhope talking about beauty dysmorphia.

"It’s no secret that I’ve turned to drastic diets and even surgery in a quest for “perfection”.

"It’s been a difficult journey but to be able to share my story and help others is so amazing 💜

"Give it a listen and let me know what you think about beauty dysmorphia

Today Holly spoke out about all things surgery, beauty dysmorphia and the pressures of social media and being on television during Superdrug's The Beauty of it All podcast with Vick Hope.

The reality favourite has totally transformed her look from when she first starred in the MTV show back in 2011.

Speaking about her own body confidence issues during the podcast, she told fans: "I have hidden my legs as a secret for years after I saw my mum doing the same and it's really important for me to gain more confidence."

Since being branded "the fat one" in the cast of Geordie Shore, the beauty has worked extremely hard in the gym to change herself for the better.

It comes after the star revealed her secret three-year battle with bulimia after she was called a "fat s**g" by online trolls.

Speaking out about the trolls, she told Vick: "The trolls had the biggest impact on me, being called fat and ugly for so many years, I thought if I am skinny and pretty then maybe the trolling will stop, so I went on this mission to be skinnier and prettier and I had these procedures done to be like what society would deem more beautiful.

"But then the trolling turned and it was ''she's too skinny she's had too much surgery."

Talking about her eating disorder in more detail she explained: "I would lose weight and then gain it during filming for Geordie Shore when we eat takeaways and put it back on and I would make myself sick.

"It was just a way to cope, I would do it seven times a day at one point. My teeth went yellow and I had acid reflux."

Holly has also been very open with the amount of surgery she's had done over the years, which include getting double F breast implants, jaw fillers, nose fillers, Botox and a non-surgical bum lift.

But since getting her double Fs put in at 18, the star decided to go under the knife again last year to get a boob reduction and thinks that there should be an age limit on surgery.

She said: "I asked my surgeon to give me the biggest possible implants when I was 18.

"And I was only 18. I don't think surgery should even really be allowed until you're 25 as you're mental stability isn't where it's supposed to be to make those huge decisions."


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