George Clooney rejected Prince Harry’s outing invitation during his Italy visit

George Clooney reportedly turned down Prince Harry's invitation to go out together to ride motorbikes, despite the royal inviting Clooney to his wedding to Meghan Markle.

When Harry and Meghan first moved to California they set their hearts on creating close friendships to families like the Clooneys and the Obamas.

The couple appeared at the Sussexes wedding in Windsor and with the recent biography on the Duke and Duchess, Finding Freedom, it’s clear that the Sussexes got their wish and have enjoyed the company of the Clooneys a number of times.

Harry and George seem to have bonded over their love of motorbikes, leading to the Clooneys flying Harry and Meghan out their private villa in Lake Como, Italy.

The pair were flown via private jet from London to Milan where an unmarked car drove them to the property.

Harry had wanted to celebrate the joint love of motorbikes with Clooney and was hoping the pair could ride out together on Clooney’s private collection.

Sadly George had to decline the request as earlier that year while filming the TV series Catch-22 in Sardinia, he got into a motorbike accident.

While George was unable to go for a ride and Meghan joined Amal relaxing by the pool, Harry could not resist going out on one of the bikes in George’s collection anyway.

The book states: "The Duke and Duchess weren't the only guests that weekend.

"Eugenie and her fiance, Jack Brooksbank, were already at the villa when Harry and Meghan arrived, their visits overlapping briefly.

"Harry took one of them out with one of his protection officers.

"George recently had an accident, so he wasn't back on his bike yet."

The stay at the villa was to recuperate from the accident, where they invited couples such as Princess Eugenie and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank to join them.

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