Ghosts season 4 release date: Will there be another series?

Ghosts: BBC release hilarious teaser for second season

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Ghosts has gained a loyal fan base since it started airing on the BBC and BBC iPlayer in 2019, starring the likes of actress Charlotte Ritchie as protagonist Alison Cooper and Kiell Smith-Bynoe playing the role of her character’s husband, Mike Cooper. Season three comes to a conclusion on Monday evening and many fans will be wondering when season four will be made available to watch. The comedy has gone down a storm with viewers on social media platforms such as Twitter but when will future episodes be released?

Will there be a Ghosts season 4?

Despite season three ending this week, the BBC is yet to officially confirm if there is going to be a season four.

However, there has also been no announcement on whether the most recent episodes will be the last in the series.

With the show’s future in doubt, there is some indication from the previous season as to when a fourth instalment could be broadcast.

Season one was broadcast in the spring of 2019 whereas season two was given the early autumn schedule space by the broadcaster.

A Christmas special was broadcast in 2020, with a third season following its predecessor by airing at the end of the summer and into the autumn.

Therefore, it is likely a fourth season will air in the autumn next year if bosses decide to bring it back.

Production on the show has wrapped up in the early part of the same year it is broadcast so filming for season four could be underway in the next few months.

The coronavirus pandemic does not seem to have disrupted proceedings too much so the show will be on schedule for an autumn release next September.

It is likely the fourth season will follow a similar format to its predecessors where all episodes are dropped on BBC iPlayer, with episodes airing on BBC One over the course of six weeks.

It’s a nice prospect

Ben Willbond

The actor who plays The Captain, Ben Willbond, spoke ahead of last year’s Christmas special about the prospect of the show having a future.

He said: “If the BBC want more then we’ve got to hold back a little bit more, if they don’t want more then [we’ve] got to go, ‘right, all in, let’s finish this’. That’s the hard thing.

“It would be lovely [to have a season four] because I think this time around in the writing process, as we unearth more, you just go, ‘oh wow, we could do that in series four, but we haven’t got a series four!’.

“It’s a nice feeling when you go, ‘actually we’ve got a lot of roads here creatively’,” he told

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“It’s a nice prospect, but you are just beholden to whether the BBC want more or not. It’s a really hard thing to contend with,” Ben explained.

Fans are also eager for more episodes, with one writing: “I just finished Ghosts, I hope there’s a season four.”

Another posted: “Right, now I need season four of Ghosts. And season five. The advantage of not usually watching TV is that when you do find something worth watching, it’s all the more enjoyable.

“Ghosts, like Horrible Histories before it, is pretty much perfect,” they continued, with a third simply adding: “The world needs a season 4 of BBC’s Ghosts right now.”

What happened in the Ghosts season 3 finale?

In the Ghosts season three finale, entitled Part of the Family, Alison spent more and more time with the newcomer, Lucy (played by Jessica Knappett).

Having been introduced as Alison’s half-sister, the final episode of the season explained who the character really is.

The Captain and Kitty (Lolly Adefope) were instrumental in blowing Lucy’s plan, alongside the likes of Lady Fanny Button (Martha Howe-Douglas).

Fanny is brought in to help as she recently gained some skills in the art of being a detective and she helped to crack the case of the mysterious Lucy.

Ghosts seasons 1-3 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Ghosts season 3 concludes tonight at 8:30pm on BBC One.

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