Giving sad eyes Helen Skeltons disastrous mistake with dog that almost ruined Christmas

Winter on the Farm: Helen Skelton bitten by ‘wonky donkey'

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The On The Farm presenter, who is due to give birth in just two weeks, thought she was being well organised by planning ahead – but she didn’t bargain for her dog’s intervention. She shared a video clip of the naughty Labrador to her 258,000 followers via Instagram stories.

Giving the sad eyes since he has ripped into all the presents under the tree

Helen Skelton

“Giving the sad eyes since he has ripped into all the presents under the tree,” she captioned it.

The dog, named Spiderman, can be seen wagging his tail ferociously, but he also shows slightly guilty looking eyes.

Meanwhile the tune Free Spirit by Khalid plays in the background.

Channel 5 star Helen is expecting to have delivered a new born by New Year’s Day – her third child – but she might have to be careful of what mischief her pets make in the meantime.

In spite of their naughtiness, Helen adores her dogs, which includes a crossbreed called Barney, who she regards as a much-loved part of the family.

The glammed-up farm girl revealed to Country Living magazine last year the reason for her passion for dogs.

“They always give me purpose,” she explained. “I was brought up with animals, from cows to sheep and dogs.

“For me, they’re just really levelling and humbling. They’re brilliant company.

“You can be in a bad mood and they will still come to cuddle you.

“People ask if I like animals and I say, ‘Of course, I like breathing air.'”

She also revealed Barney was her constant loyal companion when she first moved from the farm life of her younger years to London and was struggling to settle in the capital.

“I was a country girl living in London at the age of 24 for the first time ever,” she recalled.

She never forgot the way he helped to cure her loneliness and feeling of displacement and from then on, her relationship with animals has only intensified.

“My friends always joke that I like dogs more than a lot of people,” she added. “But that is true!”

Helen has also laughingly forgiven the donkey that bit her in the hand in a recent filming session for On The Farm.

She has kept up filming duties as per usual, causing concerned speculation that she might give birth on the set.

Her two existing children had both arrived early, meaning there is a very real chance of it happening again the third time.

A vet will be on standby with painkillers, ready to help deliver the baby if required.

Meanwhile, as if to prove she intends to keep up her glamorous and nonchalant attitude right up to the date of the birth, she recently modelled some “bought and paid for” glittery trousers on her Instagram account.

“Glittery white flares on a farm 9 months pregnant – camping it up for Christmas,” she told her followers.

“The [stretchy] waist band is… perfect for a massive Christmas lunch [but] less perfect for navigating your way through cow poo,” she joked.

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