GMB’s Ranvir Singh told to give up her job over ‘genuine worry’ for her health

Ranvir Singh has revealed she has a 'genuine worry" for her health as a result of her early starts on Good Morning Britain.

The ITV presenter was even told by medical professionals to give up her job on the breakfast show.

It comes as Ranvir has been fronting a new ITV show called Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home.

The new project sees Ranvir pair up with an eco-designer and a money-saving expert in order to help homeowners achieve their dream green homes.

However, Ranvir revealed that her GMB job has had worrying effects on her health and lifestyle.

Talking on Loose Women, she described herself as "sleep-deprived" which is not helped by her extremely early starts for work.

Ranvir explained that she has to get up in the dead of night every time she is on GMB.

She said: "I did a sleep documentary and they were saying that one of the problems with shift workers is, and essentially getting up at three am is shift work, is that it sends your circadian rhythm into a shock.

"So the temperature of your organs drops a bit and that is why shift workers over time, you know when pop science tells you in the papers that you lose years off your life, it's because your organs are continually being slightly shocked."

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The star went on to say that even when she isn’t on shift at GMB, she automatically wakes up at around three in the morning.

This was not the only time Ranvir has spoken about her trouble sleeping.

GMB guest Lord Jeffery Archer told co-hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley that Ranvir had also opened up to him about her issues with sleep.

Lord Archer said: "I really admire, particularly the lady on the end there who seems to get up she tells me at three o’clock in the morning,"

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"That will be Ranvir," quipped Susanna. "The lady at the end."

"Ranvir, I'm sorry, I apologise," he responded. "She told me she gets up at three in the morning. I said 'what time do you wake' and she said 'I just don't sleep.'"

To try and uncover the source of her sleeping troubles Ranvir sought the advice of an Oxford University sleep expert only to be left shocked at the advice she was given in return.

“I asked a sleep expert from Oxford 'what can you do to help me?', thinking he'd have some advice and he said, 'You need to give up your job!'" Ranvir said.

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It caused Ranvir to become “genuinely worried” about her lack of sleep adding: “Because apparently when you sleep well and regularly it washes out the proteins from your brain, and there are studies that say a build-up of proteins is linked to Alzheimer’s.

“So I really do genuinely worry about it now in a health way.”

The National Institutes of Health explain that in a small study, losing one night of sleep led to an increase in beta-amyloid – a protein in the brain associated with impaired brain function and Alzheimer’s disease.

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