Gogglebox: Sandra breaks down as brother’s wife and sister-in-law’s daughter die

Gogglebox’s Sandra has shared a heartbreaking post after finding out her sister-in-law’s daughter has tragically passed away.

It comes just days after her sister-in-law died from Covid-19, seeing the TV personality beg for people to stay indoors.

And now the 58-year-old has taken to Twitter once again after being struck with more devastating news.

‘More tears for me,’ she told her followers alongside a picture of herself crying.

‘I ain’t stopped crying. It’s also making me unhappy. My sister-in-law’s daughter has also passed away.’

She continued: ‘I wish I could be with my brother right now. Am not used to all this. It’s killing me.

‘Everyone is dying daily.’

Sandra recently spoke to Metro.co.uk after finding out her sister-in-law had become a victim to coronavirus.

‘She did have underlying health issues before she passed away and my brother, who is now in self-isolation is absolutely devastated by it,’ she explained.

‘When I found out I started to cry and my daughter told me to pack my bags so I am staying with her in Brixton at the moment.’

Sandra went on to explain that a lot of people she knows have been affected by Covid-19.

She added: ‘My friend’s dad died first, then my brother’s wife died, my uncle died and my good friend from Brixton died, it is all so tragic. What is going on?

‘People need to stay home, they aren’t listening. Children aren’t listening to their parents as they aren’t paying attention to the social distancing,’ she urged.

‘I know some people are doing the right thing and only going out if necessary but people will keep dying if they don’t listen.’

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