Gordon Ramsay urged daughter Holly to not share racy bikini snaps on Instagram

Gordon Ramsay's daughter Holly Ramsay has opened up about Instagram and social media in a candid chat with model Sophie Culpo in the latest episode of her weekly podcast 21 & Over with Holly Ramsay.

The podcast has a heavy focus on mental health, and the episode, released today, specifically looked at taking pressure off of yourself, living with famous families and dealing with social media.

Sophie explained to Holly how when she was in college and had 12,000 followers, she was cautious about what she posted on Instagram in case brands thought less of her.

Holly admitted that, until six months ago, she was asking her parents for their thoughts before she posted any photos on her Instagram profile.

She said: "It's definitely a scary thing. Up until literally about six months ago I would always ask my parents before I would post on Instagram.

"For 95% of my posts I would ask them 'What do you think of this?', obviously if it was a bikini picture or a revealing picture my parents would be like 'Oh, maybe let's lay off that one', or 'Why don't you post a family photo?', or 'Why do you always have to be pouting?"

Holly added: "I would be like 'Guys, I'm just trying to fit in!"

The daughter of the famous chef said that over the years she has felt the need to prove herself when it comes to her siblings.

She explained that as the middle child she feels like she needs to give "110%" to stand out when she works.

Agreeing with the sentiment, Sophie said that having a high standard to live up to can be overwhelming.

Holly also admitted that she can get a little envious when it comes to work, adding: "Whenever my siblings get a job that I think is really cool or it's a different experience and opportunity, I'm definitely guilty of feeling a little jealous and kind of wishing that was me."

The model launched her podcast last month in a bid to be candid about her journey with mental health and support others in coping and growing.

It comes as Holly opened up about staying at The Nightingale hospital in London, a psychiatric hospital, where she was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression – she has since been in therapy up to three times a week.

In a heartbreakingly honest chat, Holly explained that the result of her PTSD was two sexual assaults when she was 18 – but she has said that doing 21 and over shows that she is on a journey to recovery.

21 & Over with Holly Ramsay releases a new episode every Tuesday.

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