Gordon Ramsay’s fury over expensive steak smothered in chocolate spread: ‘What an idiot!’

Gordon Ramsay reacts to chocolate steak recipe

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The TV chef is scarcely known for keeping his opinions private. Whether it’s lambasting restaurateurs or warning Brexit could expose “lazy” British workers, Ramsay rarely holds back. And in one outburst online, he took aim at a man’s unusual food combination. 

The celebrated chef, who presents the new BBC quiz show Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance, took particular offence to one recipe.

For several years, fans have tweeted photographs and videos of their culinary creations to be torn apart in a classic Ramsay rant. 

The celebrity now records his blunt response to the public’s attempt at making unusual or sometimes contentious food. 

Last month, Ramsay fumed over an unlikely food pairing – chocolate and steak.

The clip, which was shared on the star’s TikTok account @GordonRamsayOfficial, displayed a large piece of wagyu.

This type of beef, which comes from one of four breeds of cow in Japan, is among the most expensive meats in the world.

Last month, Business Insider reported that one-pound of high-grade wagyu could cost up to £141 ($200) and £212 ($300) for a steak.

One of the Japanese cows can sell for up to £21,200 ($30,000), which is up to 40 times the amount a US cow would sell for. 

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Stocks of wagyu, the Japanese word for cow, are guarded by the nation to protect their value and quality.

The animal was specifically bred for physical endurance and fat is spread throughout the cow’s muscles.

Ramsay was flabbergasted when he watched the preparation of one wagyu steak last month and scrunched his eyes in disbelief.

During the 14-second clip, melting chocolate was poured over the huge chunk of meat.

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When he noticed the sweet spreadable, Ramsay raged: “What are you doing?!”

The chef bit his lip and shook his head as he watched chocolate being smothered all over the meat.

He moaned: “Oh come on! Nutella on wagu?”

Ramsay appeared to become more distressed after additional layers of chocolate were applied to the steak.

He said: “You have to be kidding me. Stop it!”

With a raised tone, Ramsay vented: “Seriously! What an idiot!”

The Nutella-covered-steak left the star speechless and soon after the creator was revealed.

The unnamed man, who was wearing a red shirt that promoted Sriracha hot sauce, licked his lips.

He then gave a smug smile at the camera, while Ramsay yelled: “Really?”

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The video, which the chef shared on his Twitter account, has been watched more than 510,000 times. 

It received 14,000 likes and more than 1,800 retweets from fans who were equally shocked.

One user, who was against the culinary creation, branded it “just nasty” and others called the creator an “absolute donut” and a “donkey”. 

One fan wrote: “Exactly Chef Ramsey – what an idiot is right!! Dude, you are wasting a great piece of meat!!!!”

A second added: “This was done purposefully to p*** you off.”

A third wrote: “Wasting food, while there’s (sic) [people] who are dying to eat, disgusting.”

Ramsay captioned the chocolate spread-wagyu video: “This weekend… please don’t cook like this.”

After it was posted, some Twitter users tried to bait the chef by sharing more unusual food combinations and some cooking disasters.

One user posted a video of pasta being boiled in the sports drink Gatorade, which turned the carbohydrate blue.

Another posted a photograph of spaghetti that had caught fire while inside a pot.

Other users pointed out that Ramsay had an old black and white photograph of his mentor-turned-rival Marco Pierre White in the room where he filmed the video.

Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance airs at 9pm tonight on BBC One.

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