Gordon Ramsay’s ‘perfect’ sticky toffee pudding blasted for coming with ‘gravy’

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Gordon Ramsay has been blasted by food fans who mistakenly think his sticky toffee pudding is served with gravy.

The TV chef, 53, has yet again come under fire for his restaurant food after he was recently slammed for a £45 Sunday roast that looked like a 'child's portion' and a measly fry-up.

Now it's his desserts that are taking a hammering with his £7.75 sticky toffee pudding served at Plane Food in Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 coming under the spotlight.

Ramsay shared a mouthwatering video of toffee sauce being poured over the pud – which we have to admit looks absolutely incredible – with the caption Pre-flight perfection at Plane Food!!

But others don't seem to agree and due to the consistency of the sauce questioned the chef over why he's pouring 'gravy' over the dessert.

One person tweeted: "Why would you pour gravy on that?? F*****g hideous!"

Another asked: "Why are you pouring thin gravy on that cake. Chocolate might be better?"

Somebody else wrote: "Bloody weird use of gravy, must be a Scottish thing."

While another person said: "I thought this was meatloaf and gravy with a scoop of mashed potatoes."

And someone clearly shocked at what they had just watched said: "Cake with gravy poured over it? Wtf."

But not everyone agreed with others saying the dessert looked "yummy" with one person saying it was the "only reason" they liked flying through London Heathrow.

One fan simply replied: "Sign me up for some. Wow!"

Earlier this month Ramsay's roast dinner at his Savoy Grill restaurant left some outraged.

On Instagram, he posted a picture of a slice of meat with a single Yorkshire pudding, three roast potatoes and a few pieces of veg.

Some critics thought the £56 plate looked more like a “child’s portion”.

One responder asked: “How is three potatoes, three microcarrots a smigde of broccoli and a slice of roast enough? Just really am curious.”

Another said: “Beautifully presented and that but Sunday roast with empty spaces on the plate? Get out you panini head!!!”

A third commented: “It will be a trip to McDonald's after this.”

And a fourth added: “Error 404. Trimmings not found.”

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