Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood admits he finds fame is ‘difficult to deal with’

Paul Hollywood reveals celebrity life is ‘difficult to deal with'

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Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has become a household favourite on the Channel 4 series, with many contestants striving to get the famous Hollywood Handshake. In an appearance on The One Show, Paul admitted he found celebrity life “difficult to deal with” which is why he very rarely attends events.

Touching on Paul’s success and his new book Bake, host Jermaine Jenas asked: “All of this, the books, the shows has brought attention to your life.

“You spoke out recently about how you kind of really struggle being a public figure really, what are the toughest aspects for you?”

Paul began: “Obviously, I never set out to do television it sort of accidentally found me.

“I went to university, colleague, I didn’t do media and think ‘I am going to go in front of the camera’.

“I was working in hotels professionally doing what I think was a decent job, and then when I moved into the TV, I think Bake Off was the thing.

“Bake Off took off and became so big, so quickly, it sort of catches you out.”

The star continued: “I was the quiet one of the family, my mum has always said of all my brothers, I was the last one to be standing up there going ‘Look at this.’

“So I found it really difficult to deal with, even nowadays, I don’t go to all the big celebrity parties and awards, I tend not to, I shy away.

“I am happier at home having a bath and watching the boxset with a piece of toast, that is me!

“Even the Queen uses sliced bread, we saw here with Paddington Bear!” he joked.

Paul has been a part of the Bake Off team since its conception in 2010 and has been a key member ever since.

The show first began on BBC, with Paul judging alongside Mary Berry and hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

However, in 2016 the baking competition moved to Channel 4, and Paul was the only one out of the original four to move with the show.

Prue Leith took over Mary’s judging role with Paul, while Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig became the programme hosting team.

Sandi also left the show in 2020 and was replaced by Matt Lucas.

Paul recently revealed he received a ton of backlash and was left in tears as fans branded him a “snake” for moving to Channel 4.

He told The Times: “Oh, I was called every name under the sun. It was so horrendous that I actually cried.

“No one wants to be painted as the pantomime villain, especially when I was just sticking with a job I loved. But you can’t kick against it.

“David Walliams actually took me aside and said, ‘Mate, it’s just a game. Enjoy it.’ You’re clickbait, basically.

“But it hurt me. After a while, though, I got tough. I just thought, ‘OK, I’ll be your bad guy’, whilst defending former co-stars Mary, Mel and Sue, explaining they weren’t the villains.

“It was like losing part of the family, like me, Mel, Sue and Mary were all tight. But I didn’t have the same connection to the BBC as they did, maybe because I was northern, and they didn’t know where to place me.”

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