Health cures already in your kitchen – from peas for aching joints to vinegar for dandruff

WINTER is coming – and so are the annual ailments.

But before hitting the pharmacy, check your kitchen cupboard for remedies.

From frozen peas for creaky joints to a turmeric gargle that will ease a sore throat and an oatmeal bath for itchy eczema, you will probably have all you need at hand.

Amy Jones has the home soothes, but If you think you have Covid, get tested before trying any of these fixes.

Stuffy nose

ALL bunged up? A simple saline solution can help you breathe easy.

Mix 200ml of warm water with three teaspoons of salt and one of baking soda.

Shoot the solution up your nose using a soft rubber-bulb syringe.


THIS is common in winter, as colds and flu lead to secondary infection.

But garlic, with its potent anti-bacterial powers, can be an effective fix.

Boil a few fresh cloves in water for five minutes, crush and add a little salt.

Put this mix into a cloth and place against the affected ear. If pain persists, see a GP.


ITCHY breakouts are common at this time of year.

Moisturising is important but you can also get relief from an oatmeal bath.

Studies show it can ease dryness, itching and scaling.

Run a warm — not hot — bath and swirl in 100g of ground colloidal oats or use the same amount of regular oats in a tied muslin bag or stocking.

Mouth ulcers

AS party season leaves us tired, we often get these. But the anti-bacterial properties in apple cider vinegar help.

Mix one part vinegar with two of water, dip a cotton swab into the solution and carefully dab on to the affected skin.

Tickly cough

DRINKING plenty of water is key if coughing, but thyme tea can work quicker.

The herb has antioxidants that boost the immune system and flavonoids that reduce inflammation and relax throat muscles.

Make a soothing tea by crushing two teaspoons of thyme and soaking in boiled water for a few minutes.

Aching joints

EVEN as temperatures fall, cold packs are just what the doctor ordered, easing inflam-mation and swelling.

For a homemade version, wrap a bag of frozen peas in a dish-cloth or towel and apply.

Sore throat

LEMON and honey may be your go-to for a sore throat, but try turmeric too.

The antioxidant-rich spice is a fine anti-inflammatory. Mix two tablespoons with lukewarm water and gargle.


LESS sunlight can lower our levels of the hormone serotonin, leaving us lethargic.

Cinnamon scent can boost energising beta waves in the brain.

Simmer cinnamon sticks in a pot of water and inhale the aroma — scientists found it can combat fatigue in as little as 45 seconds.


SPENDING more time indoors with the heating up can make our scalps oilier, causing dandruff.

It may not smell great but a vinegar wash can kill off dandruff bacteria.

Mix equal parts vinegar and water and apply to your scalp an hour before a hair wash.

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