Holby City spoilers: Fletch shaken by family tragedy – sending Kian into downward spiral

FLETCH’s world comes crashing down as he’s shaken by a family tragedy next week in Holby City, sending Kian into a downward spiral. 

Fletch will discover his daughter Evie has been stabbed while on the run with Andrei, who’s been trying to escape the wrath of his drugs gang. 

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Viewers will see Kian desperately fighting to save the youngsters as their lives hang in the balance. 

Fletch can’t believe the extent of his daughter Evie’s injuries and breaks down.

He’s pleased to receive the support of Ange and Jeni, but will Evie pull through?

Fletch is distraught when Evie’s condition takes a turn for the worse and it becomes evident that she has a bleed on her lungs.

Fletch refuses to let Kian operate on her and lashes out, reminding him of the deaths of both his wife and girlfriend Bea. 

Fletch then insists that Evie’s situation is all Kian’s fault – and that he’ll never forgive him if his daughter loses her life.

Kian is relieved when Andrei’s condition starts to improve, but his argument with Fletch continues to trouble him and he feels the urge to use again.

Kian reaches out to Lucky, but his attempts are to no avail.

Is Kian about to make a terrible mistake?

Elsewhere next week, Ange grows determined to discover who reported her inappropriate relationship with Josh. 

Ange confronts Dom and is shocked to discover that her own son has indeed betrayed her.

Meanwhile, Josh grows determined to crack a mystery case to impress Ange. 

When Ange remains distant, Josh makes a huge decision and tells Ange he’s planning to move hospitals. 

How will Ange react?

Catch the next episode of Holby City on Tuesday, June 15 on BBC One.

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