Holby City spoilers: Jodie Rodgers ‘exits’ in death twist as her scheme finally rumbled

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Jodie (played by Sian Reese-Williams) has managed to keep her villainous ways under wraps recently after it was revealed she had poisoned her fiancé Sacha Levy’s (Bob Barrett) daughter, Beka Levy (Francesca Barrett). Luckily, the young woman survived her ordeal and is currently being kept in for observation on Holby City’s Keller ward. Unfortunately, she won’t be out of the woods for long as her step-mother-to-be is soon plotting another killer scheme but she will arise suspicion from one member of the BBC medical drama team.

The drama kicks off as Jodie is playing the doting mother figure and offers her support to Sacha’s ill daughter.

As the pair didn’t get off to the best of starts, Beka’s walls start to drop as she can see how hard her step-mother-to-be is trying.

Finally being accepted into the family unit, the villain asks her step-daughter-to-be if she would like to be a bridesmaid at her father’s upcoming nuptials.

Unfortunately, the mirage soon wears off as the troubled character soon starts being questioned about her irrational behaviour.

Hurt from the accusations, the schemer does something terrible which leaves both Beka and Sacha fighting for their lives.

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With death looming at the hospital and with no reason as to why the beloved characters have fallen ill, nurse Lucky Simpson (Vineeta Rishi) starts to investigate.

The latter isn’t quite convinced by Jodie’s supportive nature and is suspicious when the troubled bride-to-be mentions something about her past.

Questioning the schemer, the medical professional does some digging into who Sacha’s fiancée actually is.

What she uncovers is truly shocking and it will seem as if the villain has finally been found out, leading to a possible arrest as it’s discovered she poisoned Beka.

Holby City: Sacha Levy hugs daughter Beka in the hospital

There are complications coming

Sian Reese-Williams

However, could Jodie have two deaths on her hands as Simpson is unable to save both Sacha and Beka in time?

This would bring an end to the troubled character’s time on the show as she would be put behind bars for many years and her fiancé is unlikely to ever forgive his wife-to-be.

The actress who plays the villain, Sian, 39, has teased her character’s comeuppance, as she said: “There are complications coming.

“Jodie has some news for Sacha that is going to blow his mind!” the Holby City star told Inside Soap, so could the news be she was the one who poisoned Beka?

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It seems viewers of the serial medical drama are eager to see Jodie get her just desserts after joining the show only a few months ago.

One fan wrote on social media platform Twitter: “#HolbyCity When is Sacha going to realise that Jodie is no good?”

Another posted: “Jodie is psychotic #HolbyCity,” with a third adding: “Why does #HolbyCity have so many serial killers amongst its staff! Here comes Jodie the witch!”

Whilst a fourth commented: “God I hate Jodie so much #HolbyCity.”

Speaking more about her troubled alter-ego and her relationship with Sacha, Sian said: “She is a really interesting character.

“In that from where Sacha is in terms of him pushing people away. She desperately craves love and it doesn’t really bother her whether it’s real and whether it’s genuinely reciprocated.

“But she’s genuinely trying to find it all of the time,” the actress added but will her quest for love lead to her demise?

“She’s just looking for kindness and Sacha shows that when he takes her in and then she falls in love immediately,” she told Digital Spy.

Holly City continues tonight at 7:50pm on BBC One.

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