Holly Willoughby cringes as Ferne McCann loses a fingernail in holiday segment – and asks passer-bys to help look for it

HOLLY Willoughby was left grimacing after Ferne McCann lost her fingernail in the Amalfi Coast – and asked passer-bys to look for it.

Ferne joined Vicky Pattison for a new holiday segment on This Morning, but she suffered a slight issue as she tried her hand at making pizza.

While she enthusiastically threw some dough in the air, the fake nail from her thumb snapped off – with Vicky shouting: "Man down!"

Admitting to "calling in reinforcements for a search party", a large group of people could then be seen rummaging around on the pebbled ground looking for the lost nail.

Eventually, a member of the film crew found it – leaving Ferne jubilant, but Holly couldn't hide her horror at the scene.

After the segment ended, she turned to co-host Phillip Schofield and exclaimed: "Right, sorry – letting someone find your fingernail on the floor?"

Confused Phil replied: "Well, you went 'ew' when it happened and I don't think it's such a bad thing…"

The blonde beauty squealed: "Are you joking?? Off the floor?"

Her co-star continued: "What's the matter… I don't understand the bad bit about that?"

Grimacing, Holly replied: "I don't want that, I don't know… It's a fingernail, it has been attached to your fingers…"

Phil shrugged: "For me, it'd be more of an issue if it was a toenail."

His horrified colleague pulled a face as she concluded: "Can we just have a no nail policy here, please."

And when Phil moved the conversation along to tease This Morning's upcoming cooking segment, Holly jokingly giggled: "Ooh, yum yum after that chat!"

Earlier in the programme, the blonde beauty bravely opened up about her dyslexia battle – admitting that she used to feel too much "shame" to write in front of other people because she struggles with spelling.

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