Hollyoaks spoilers: Ella dumped by Charlie after miscarriage trauma

Tragedy rocked Hollyoaks village last night when young mother-to-be Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer) suffered a miscarriage, without Charlie by her side.

Charlie had stomped off after finding out that Ella had been considering an abortion which meant she attended her first scan alone.

And she was soon devastated by the bad news which followed as no heartbreak could be found.

The emotional drama continued this evening when a broken Ella struggled to cope – and then cold hearted Charlie ended their relationship.

And even when he first learns about the miscarriage from Nancy and Darren, his reaction is one of coldness as he struggled to feel sorry for her in the wake of her dilemma over the abortion.

Nancy was stunned by her son’s approach and so joined forces with Cindy to arrange a memorial where they planted a tree for the lost baby.

Nancy invited Charlie but when he turned up, his sorrow turned to anger and he cruelly blamed Ella for the tragedy.

As he then dumped her, she was more distraught than ever and Nancy was left disgusted with her son.

After comforting Ella, Nancy let rip at her son for not supporting Ella in this time of need.

But he only lashed out back before storming back to the memorial and ripping the tree from the ground.

Both Ella and Charlie are handling their emotions in different ways but Charlie has some serious thinking to do about how he is treating Ella.

Will he have a wake up call or will things only get worse?

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