Home and Away PK star’s life – famous wife, forgotten soap job, kiss scene clash

He’s dominated the airwaves as one of Australia’s biggest soap stars appearing in some of the country’s most popular dramas.

Currently starring as villain PK in Home and Away, actor Ryan Johnson is embracing his new bad boy role after playing good guy Matt Knight on Aussie soap Doctor Doctor for five years.

He is currently raising his eight-year-old daughter Alia with his wife Tamara Asmar, who also boasts her own claim to fame.

As he continues to dominate the airwaves, let’s take a look at the Home and Away star’s life, from his secret soap role to embracing his role as a villain.

Former soap role

Eagle-eyed fans may recognise Ryan from a previous role on the soap when he played Paulie Rosetta, the brother of Angelo Rosetta, in the television soap opera in 2010.

He returned in April 2022, re-joining the cast as wealthy gambler and villain Peter "PK" King.

Paulie’s character was portrayed as a starry-eyed dreamer but often had to be bailed out by his brother.

Fans may remember when Paulie started a fire at his parents' restaurant and Angelo took the blame, getting him kicked out of the family business.

Ryan also played Matt Knight for five years on Aussie medical drama Doctor Doctor, where he earned a nomination for the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2017.

Other TV credits include City Loop, The Wannabes, and Guardians of the Tomb.

Villain Role

The screen star appeared to embrace his villainous role as villain PK in Home and Away when he dubbed his character a “bit of a sociopath.”

He told Stuff about his bad boy role: "He sees an opportunity to come in and cause some chaos and that's the thrill of it for him.

These people are like playthings to him and I think he just goes from place to place and screws people over."

Johnson also discussed fan theories that his character is actually an undercover policeman looking to bust illegal gambling rings.

"I'm enjoying the speculation but I can neither confirm nor deny that," he said.

"I think he's a bit of a sociopath!"

Famous Wife

He may be stealing the spotlight on the big screen but actor Ryan also shares the limelight with his famous wife, Tamara Asmar.

Tamara is a playwright and was a screenwriter for Doctor Doctor, which Ryan was currently appearing on, when the pair met.

Ryan revealed to the Sydney Morning Herald: "We met in 2001 in my acting agent's building in Sydney's Surry Hills.

"Tamara was the hot chick working in the office downstairs. I'd often wander down, say hi, tell jokes and see if I could warm her up.

"I thought she was gorgeous with her jet-black hair and big blue eyes.

"I didn't see her for a couple of years, then I was out having drinks with a friend at a pub and there was Tamara.

"I was besotted."

Ryan also opened up on the struggles they faced when he had to perform kissing scenes.

He said: “In the early days, it was a bit confronting for Tamara to see me in kissing scenes.

She said all I needed to do was to tell her that it was horrible and technical and bland and that I didn't like it.”

The pair share eight-year-old daughter, Alia.

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