Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Wednesday, August 10

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A partner or friend’s money making ideas should not be dismissed as being pipe dreams. Put a little research into their suggestions, and this could show there is a method to other people’s madness. Someone at home is looking into your family history, and they could discover something that will interest and amuse you all.


Pleasant distractions in the workplace will make your job feel more like fun and less like work. A home improvement project is causing some upheaval, but this will just be temporary. If you need a plumber or electrician, friends on social media will give some helpful recommendations.


If you haven’t recently given much attention to home and family affairs, there could now be quite a lot of catching up to do. Difficulties in a close relationship could be settled if you give someone you live with more freedom to arrange the domestic agenda to their preference.


Your instincts are telling you to be wary of someone, and you are trying to work out why you happen to feel this way without making your suspicions too obvious. Although there is a lot going on and you are surrounded by people, this is making you feel slightly uncomfortable.


You’re doing your best to avoid contention in the workplace. This isn’t easy when you are confronted with the dilemma of having to answer for something you did not do. Being honest about the situation could get a workmate into trouble, but this will be preferential to leaving a senior colleague thinking the worst of you.


Someone who rarely puts themselves forward will make some unusual observations. These may go against your own ideas, but once you’ve heard them out, you might step back and give them a chance to prove they have some viable suggestions.


You’ve done such a lot lately, so it could come as a surprise to find it seems impossible now to focus on any one thing. It’s hard to explain to others why you feel so restless when you don’t understand it yourself. Your energy is depleted and what you need most is to rest and recharge your batteries.


You’re very good at keeping secrets, and other people find it easy to confide in you. Don’t be surprised if you are trusted with more than one secret that others have been hugging to themselves. What’s more, as you listen to their words, you will know you hold the key to solving their problem.


A job offer will take you by surprise. Push aside any anxiety and grab this opportunity before it goes to someone else. This is your chance to apply your talents in an effective way. Are you single? Sharing a task with another could lead to romance.


A partner or older relative has had too much influence over the family budget. You disagree with their way of handling finances, and becoming financially independent is your current priority. Someone who has been away for some time is returning home, but you are in two minds about this.


Relationships, events and experiences you are going through now will help you learn more about yourself. Teaming up with the right people will help you resolve problems you recently came up against. A joint effort will allow you to cultivate your strengths.


A new hobby or interest will give you a chance to put creative talent to good use. Don’t hold back from using what you do well to feather your nest. It won’t be easy to keep in control of your emotions in a dramatic situation at the end of the day.

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