House in Louisiana on sale for $149,500 has terrifying dolls standing in rubbish

Two bathrooms, a dedicated laundry room, an unsettling doll couple standing by some cracked walls.

This house for sale in Metairie, Louisiana, really does have it all.

If by ‘all’, you mean a setup that seems fated for nightmare-filled nights.

The property, on the market for $149,500, is listed on Zillow as ideal for ‘investors and flippers’.

That makes sense, as it’s a bit run-down – but has potential.

Photos show bags of rubbish piled on the carpets, stained walls, and grubby cupboards.

Then, just to liven things up a bit, there are two possibly-haunted dolls making their way around the home in the seller’s photos.

There’s the doll in a red dress, jauntily gesturing to a leftover pan in the kitchen.

The snazzily-dressed gentleman doll hangs out by the toilet, his hand pointed towards the seat.

In some photos the duo appear together, standing ominously in the kitchen, uncomfortably bent necks.

It’s thanks to these inhabitants that the home has made it on to the famous Zillow Gone Wild Twitter page, with the simple caption: ‘Nope’.

There’s no obvious explanation for the dolls’ presence, or a guarantee that they’ll come with the house, but anyone who does end up buying the property will know the figures have been there, watching, waiting.

If you can get past that knowledge and fancy a major renovation project, though, this place isn’t a bad shout.

The home sits on a nice 67ft wide lot, big enough for a driveway to be added.

Inside is 2,100ft of space, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a downstairs laundry room, a spacious living area, and a kitchen complete with a dishwasher.

There are also ‘multiple’ attics… if you’re brave enough to go up there.

Perhaps don’t consider what’s been left behind in the fridge. Or why the fancy dressed-up doll sometimes has a pet reindeer. Some things are better off not thought about.

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