How can I safely get rid of unsightly patches on my face?

Shh! Anti-agers no one but you need know about: How can I safely get rid of unsightly patches on my face?

  • Inge van Lotringen advises a reader on reducing pigmented areas on their face
  • British beauty expert suggests trying professional depigmenting peels
  • Skin specialist Debbie Thomas, offers packages starting from £800

Q:  I have large pigmented areas on my forehead that appeared out of nowhere. Could lasers zap them away?

A: This is melasma — irregular pigmentation related to hormonal changes that could be set off by medication, pregnancy or menopause, among other things.

It could disappear by itself (and often does after menopause) but can prove very hardy because it’s far more deep-seated than UV-induced brown spots. Laser treatments can work, but growing evidence shows they can make matters worse over time.

An anonymous reader asked for advice on reducing the appearance of pigmented areas on their forehead (file image)

Most experts advocate specific professional depigmenting peels which lift existing discolouration and block more from forming.

Most are suitable for all skin colours, unlike lasers. Because any inflammation makes melasma flare, skin specialist Debbie Thomas ( favours a series of four to eight Dermaceutic Mela Peels, set apart by three to six weeks, to give progressive improvement with no downtime.

Packages (including must-use homecare) start from £800 nationwide (but can go up to £2,250 for a course of eight in London). Call 01462 481500 or mail for your nearest clinic.

For continual management (melasma is a long-term issue that can’t be ‘cured’), SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense, £79, is worth considering.

This product features tranexamic acid, a new pigment blocker that scientists are very excited about.

British beauty expert Inge van Lotringen (pictured), advised the reader to try professional depigmenting peels

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