How is The Larkins different to H. E. Bates novel The Darling Buds of May?

NEW ITV comedy show The Larkins is the second time H. E. Bates' novel has been adapted for the small screen.

This time around, the cast includes The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh and Bridgerton alum Sabrina Bartlett.

How is The Larkins different to the novel?

Writer Simon Nye revealed that the remake won't be totally faithful to the original source material.

He explained that the new show plans to be "expanding the Larkins' world a little bit."

However, the show will retain the book's original 1950s Kent setting, as well as the same characters.

What is The Larkins about?

The Larkins follows the lives of a working class family as they go about their lives in a small village in rural Kent.

Although the Larkins are kind people who are always trying their best, they're constantly met with challenges from nosy neighbors and snobby authorities.

Much of the novel and original show focused on Mariette Larkin, one of the daughters, who gets caught in a love triangle.

Mariette is caught between Charley, an accountant new to the village, who has been sent there to investigate her family's tax affairs, and the mysterious Tom Fisher.

In the original adaptation, the part of beautiful Mariette was played by Catherine Zeta-Jones – but this time around, Bridgerton star Sabrina Bartlett will be stepping into the role.

Bartlett's love interests will be played by Tok Stephen and Stephen Hagan.

When does The Larkins start on ITV?

The remake will premiere on Sunday October 10, 2021 on ITV at 8pm.

The six-part series will then air weekly at the same time.

All of the episodes will also be made available on ITV's streaming service, ITV Hub.

It's not clear yet if the show will be a one-off or if we can expect more but as H. E. Bates wrote a grand total of five books following the family, the writers certainly won't be short of material!

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