How Monica Lewinsky Really Feels About Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Former President Donald Trump is the first president to have ever been impeached twice, per NBC News. The second impeachment came exactly one week after violent riots broke out at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, as Congress was certifying the 2020 election results, which favored now President Joe Biden. Trump was charged with “incitement of insurrection,” per The New York Times, after the numerous remarks he made regarding his opposition to the election results seemed to fuel the mob attack.

The House, controlled by Democrats, passed and delivered the article of impeachment to the Senate on Jan. 25, 2021, per CNN. Despite gaining more vocal support for impeachment from Americans now than during Trump’s first impeachment, the Senate is likely not going to find him guilty on the charges associated with the Capitol Hill uprising, per The New York Times. Furthermore, Senate Republicans attempted to get the given impeachment charge thrown out by having it deemed unconstitutional.

Many Americans, including celebrities, have taken to the internet to air out their grievances about the potential trial. One woman who stands out on the controversial side of American history, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, also decided to chime in on the discussion. Keep reading to learn about how she really feels about Trump’s impeachment trial and potential conviction.

Monica Lewinsky thinks Trump's impeachment trial should continue

Following reports that the Senate likely will not gain enough votes to convict former President Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection,” Monica Lewinsky took to Twitter to show her dissatisfaction. “[M]y new idea: all of the senators need to take lie detector tests that they would vote the same on impeachment if it were a democrat that incited the capitol insurrection. (i know tricky for the psychopaths among them),” she slammed, accusing Republicans of being hypocritical.

Many followers agreed with her sentiment. “Acknowledgement of their bias in order to trigger a dishonest (“lie”) response would involve a level of self awareness that they simply lack,” one user said. Another person replied that they would “love to see that happen.”

On the other hand, some followers urged Lewinsky to forget about Trump and “focus on positive uplifting topics” moving forward. Another argued that Democrats should be given the same sort of test to see if they would vote against a Democratic president during an impeachment trial. 

If Trump is found guilty of the charges, he would lose a list of benefits that former U.S. presidents are guaranteed via the 1958 Former Presidents Act, such as his pension, health insurance, a travel allowance, and more. Trump will also face a separate vote (per the Associated Press), to determine whether or not he can run for federal office again in the future.

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