How to get up to $90 off of Home Chef’s first-class meals

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What’s better than getting first-class meal kits delivered to your doorstep? First-class meals that are discounted!

Until the end of March, Home Chef is offering up to $90 off your first four boxes for new customers. That’s $30 off the first box, $30 off the second box, $15 off the third, $15 off the fourth!

If you hated going to the grocery store before the coronavirus pandemic, then you probably like it even less now. These days, a trip to the store means waiting in long lines, sanitizing constantly and hustling to find everything on your list in a timely manner. 

Instead, eliminate all that stress and consider a meal-delivery kit like Home Chef that sends you tasty and fun recipes (with all the ingredients!) right to your doorstep. Not only is it super convenient but it also helps you change up your cooking style. 

Home Chef, starting at $6.99 per serving

Each week Home Chef gives you the option to choose from up to 30 different gourmet recipes with high-quality ingredients that elevate your plate. From seafood to sirloin steaks to fancy pasta — you’re basically getting restaurant-quality meals without the need for a reservation, much less dreaded wait times. 

What sets Home Chef apart from other meal delivery companies is that they give their customers the opportunity to customize their kits with a variety of different proteins and select ingredients if they have a preference. While most meal delivery companies only provide recipe options for parties of two or four, Home Chef also has a six-portion option for larger families. Servings start at just $6.99 and free shipping is available if your order is more than $40 (otherwise it’s an extra $10).

Each meal is in its own individual zip-locking bags that can be repurposed or recycled, and the fresh ingredients are usually pre-cut and proportioned into small bags, so everything stays separated. The recipe cards are super easy to read and follow and come with pictures to make the process even more seamless. 

If you’re not the most experienced chef — or don’t have a ton of time during the day or night in the kitchen — you have another option available. In addition to their “Fast & Fresh” meal kits, Home Chef also offers oven-ready meals and even options that are ready in 15 minutes – perfect for those days when you don’t have the energy to do more than set the table. 

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