I dated a great guy who texted me saying he doesn’t want anything to do with me – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD a great date with a guy but now he doesn’t even want to be friends.

I am a gay male of 27 and I met a guy a few weeks ago I got on great with. He’s 32.

We went out a few evenings and chatted away as we are into lots of the same things.

A few weeks in he suggested getting a hotel after work one evening. Everything went very well.

We had dinner and went back to the hotel and we were really into one another.

We stayed together until lunch the next day and agreed we would do it again soon. But later that day, he texted me to say that I’m a great guy, good-looking and so on but he didn’t find much of a “spark”.

I asked if we could at least be friends but he says everything is off the cards – friends, fun, anything.

I can’t understand it. It’s like he’s turned the tap from hot to cold.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is very likely this is about him, not you.

Your date went well, so it is not that you somehow disappointed him but that he has issues driving him to step back.

You will have to accept his decision, so best you move on.

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