‘I earn £35k a month on OnlyFans but it’s harder than people think – it’s 24/7’

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    A former Page 3 girl who is raking in over £30,000 a month on OnlyFans says it’s a lot more challenging than people think.

    Amylu Bennett has “barely had a day off” since joining the kinky site in 2019.

    She also sets her alarm for the early hours to keep her subscribers in America and Australia entertained.

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    The model, from Windsor, said it’s impossible to switch off but the memories she is able to provide to her family makes it all worth it.

    And speaking exclusively with Daily Star, the 35-year-old said there was a big misconception about the work ethic of high earning OnlyFans models.

    She told us: “Oh my god, that’s my pet peeve when people say I chose an easy option because I didn't.

    “You can shut off, not have to worry and you get to go to work tomorrow and do the same thing again.

    “Whereas my work never stops, it’s 24/7 hours a day. I have to be strict and speak to fans in the middle of the night.

    “It’s difficult and obviously I am trying to do social media and get fans in from that. You are trying to shoot content and live a family life as well.

    “It is constant and there is never a day where I will say my work is done. You are never finished.”

    The brunette beauty, known online as Mistress Amylu, turned to the site four years ago and her ambition was to make up to £5,000 a month.

    But last month she pocketed £27,000 and in December she banked a whopping £35,000 by specialising in fetish content .

    And rather than splurge her profits on material things, she treats her family to memorable days out instead.

    She said: “You don’t make a memory out of a Gucci bag.

    “I just feel really grateful, especially with the cost of living. I will sometimes book an Airbnb for my family for a few thousand pounds to stay somewhere for a few days and I don’t even have to think about it.

    “I think other people probably save for the whole year to take their family away and I just feel so grateful to give my family that opportunity because at the end of the day life is about experiences.

    “You make memories by going away, going on bike rides and doing things with family or with friends. For me that’s where I like to spend my money on experiences and memories.”

    Amylu has also just returned from her first ever trip to America where she stayed in a hotel by Times Square in New York.

    But despite her new found riches, she tries to stay humble.

    She said: “New York was a really nice experience but I wouldn’t say extravagant because I am not really that type of person.

    “I am quite down to earth. I still go drinking in my local pub and I am very normal in that sense.”

    Finally, asked whether the intensity she described in her job was worth it, she was quick to reply.

    “Oh my gosh, so worth it,” she said.

    “I feel grateful every day for the opportunity and I am very happy that I stuck with it through the bad days or when you get a negative customer.

    “If you are making money in this industry and you have freedom it’s hard going back to a 9-5. I would never want to work for someone else ever again.

    “I couldn’t have someone who is like ‘you need to be here at 9 and you need to stay an extra hour because you haven’t done very well’… I would be like ‘no I’m not doing that’.

    “I just count my blessings every day.”


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