I hate my job as a delivery driver but I can't afford to leave

DEAR DEIDRE: I HATE my job but I can’t afford to leave it.

I’m a 32-year-old woman and got made redundant last year, shortly after my marriage broke up.

I had to take any job, because I was in loads of debt.

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I’m now a delivery driver. I work long hours for low pay, have to work away a lot, and I am still on probation even though the term was supposed to end months ago.

When I ask about this, they keep fobbing me off. I’m so miserable I spend all my free time applying for other jobs.

I’m starting to feel really hopeless and depressed about the future. Should I quit my job?

DEIDRE SAYS: Don’t quit. Aside from stopping you paying off your debt, leaving will affect your benefit entitlement.

It’s better to find a new job when you are still working and there are fewer gaps in your CV.

If you feel you’re not being treated fairly, contact Acas (acas.org.uk, helpline 0300 123 1100) who can tell you about your rights.

My support pack, Help For Job Hunters, should help.

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