I lost my baby after it's dad blocked me on social media

DEAR DEIDRE: I suffered a miscarriage after a guy I’d been seeing suddenly blocked me on all social media.

We clicked immediately after I met him on a dating site. I was going to his place regularly and we seemed to have so much in common.

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I was heartbroken but after deciding to move on, I discovered I was pregnant.

I’m 35 and he’s 37. He accused me of stalking him when I attempted contact.

He told me I was nothing more than a hook up and meant little to him. He was so cold.

Although I am upset and grieving for the loss of my baby, I think I have dodged a bullet by not having this uncaring, selfish man in my life.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You’re right. It sounds as if you had a lucky escape after he dumped you so callously.

You at least deserved an explanation and not just to be ghosted.

Get out with your friends, network and have some fun. My support pack Mend Your Broken Heart will help.

You can find understanding through the Miscarriage Association (www.miscarriageassocation.org.uk, 01924 200 799).

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