I'm A Celebrity 2021 – Naughty Boy leaves the castle in latest shock exit as fans left stunned at his real age

I'M A Celebrity's Naughty Boy has been given the boot from the show following the latest public vote.

The music producer appeared slightly shocked to be shown the door and even asked hosts Ant and Dec why the viewers had voted for him to leave.

During his exit interview, fans were left gobsmacked to discover that Naughty Boy is 40 – especially after he said he was coming away from the show as "a man".

The chart-topper – who has recorded with US singing sensation Beyonce – even boasted of a new skill he had picked up in camp; making his bed.

Taking to Twitter, one fan shared: "Not Naughty Boy saying he became a man at age 40?!"

Another said: "Naughty Boy is 40 YEARS OLD, let that sink in."

A third mused: "Naughty Boy is 40 years old and only just realised he’s learnt that it’s good to make your bed in the morning…"

Before his deparure, Naughty Boy was seen coming to blows with Adam Woodyatt over the chores.

EastEnders star Adam accused him of being a "sleeper", insisting he is a "doer".

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  • Louis Allwood

    Who is left in the show?

    Following last night’s eviction, there are only 9 celebrities left in the castle.

    • Frankie Bridge
    • Matty Lee
    • David Ginola
    • Adam Woodyatt
    • Simon Gregson
    • Louise Minchin
    • Danny Miller

    Naughty Boy fourth to go

    Fans have axed its fourth campmate in the show's latest brutal eviction – with Naughty Boy leaving tonight.

    The 40-year-old music producer, who was the subject of more feuds than anyone else, got given his marching orders.

    During his time in camp Naughty Boy had arguments with Frankie Bridge and rows with Kadeena Cox over the cooking.

    The star also had bust-ups with Adam Woodyatt over the chores and a confrontation with David Ginola for telling him to do a trial.

    However, many have defended the star, insisting he was being bullied by some of the others.

    Ant and Dec’s trial blunder as Simon Gregson suffered for no reason

    Fans were in hysterics as Ant and Dec bungled last night's trial – leaving soap star Simon Gregson looking for a star that wasn't there.

    The hosts, both 46, watched on as he kept scrabbling around in a barrel not realising he had already finished the task.

    Simon has retrieved the star from a foul barrel of fermented eggnog – but neither the hosts not the producers had cottoned on.

    Dec Donnelly told the Coronation Street actor: "Come on Si, don't give up now. Back in the eggnog Si."

    After plunging his face back into the gunge, he told the pair: "I've already got one out of here you know?"

    Ant roared: "Ah, have you? Well why didn't you tell us?"

    Simon raged, gesturing around him and all the recording equipment: "You've got cameras."

    He then submerged his face back into the foul brew leaving Dec insisting: "Simon stop. You've only got one."

    • Louis Allwood

      It’s not as cold as they make out

      The castle is secretly kept at a very balmy 18 degrees celsius, we can reveal.

      According to routine checks by production staff – both the living quarters and the celebrities’ bedroom were at the same temperature as the Egyptian capital of Cairo this week.

      The Sun understands that the areas where the remaining seven celebrities eat and sleep is “airlocked” – so protected from the wintry conditions outside.

    • Louis Allwood

      Boris dig (Continued…)

      Speaking after the campmates opted not to tell David Ginola they'd failed to get his letter from home, Ant said: "So they decided to cover it up.

      "If we've learnt one thing in the last 24 hours it's that you can't get away with covering things up."

      Dec added, referring to the length of time it took for news of the No10 party to get out: "No, that will come back to bite them at some point.

      "It might take a year – but it will happen."

      He added: "This situation was as clear as day, we all watched the video of them getting the question wrong. It was obvious what would happen.

      "Even Ant and Dec are ahead of the prime minster. Sorry… Danny Miller.. on this one."

      To laughs from the people in studio he added: "Don't worry, we'll launch an enquiry, not that that will do anything."

      Ant said: "No. Anyway back to camp where Frankie's been hitting Naughty Boy with a few personal music questions."

      Dec then delivered the punchline: "Or PMQs for short."

    • Louis Allwood

      Ant & Dec show no mercy to Boris

      The hosts, both 46, poked fun at the fallout from the Downing Street Christmas party fiasco on Tuesday and returned to the theme last night too.

      Their comments were used by Sir Keir Starmer to attack the PM, saying: "It is obvious what happened. Ant and Dec are ahead of the Prime Minister on this."

      It's clear the pair were watching the scenes in Parliament from the set of the ITV show as they made repeated references to it during a line on the show.

    • Natasha Rigler


      Frankie Bridge's husband Wayne is desperate for her to be crowned this year's Queen Of The Castle.

      So much so that on Wednesday evening, the retired footballer asked an entire pub full of Christmas party-goers to download the I'm A Celeb app and vote for his wife.

      Dozens of revellers can be seen clicking on their phone for Frankie in a video posted to her Instagram account.

      The caption read: "@waynebridge03 working the room and getting everyone to vote for Frankie."

    • Natasha Rigler


      Naughty Boy needs answers.

      Last night, the music producer was the fourth person to leave Gwrych Castle and he seemed pretty surprised.

      During his exit interview with hosts Ant and Dec, the 40-year-old chart-topper tried to find out why he was sitting in front of them.

      "Can I ask why the pubic voted for me?" he said.

      Stunned, Dec quickly told him that he would have to ask viewers that one. AWKS.

    • Natasha Rigler

      GO, CLED

      Kiosk Cledwyn played a big part in Wednesday night's I'm A Celeb.

      The Welsh fella is famed for dishing out tricky questions to stars who have successfully completed the Castle Coin Challenge.

      Depending on whether they get them right or wrong, he then slams down the shutter to his kiosk or hands over some treats.

      But last night, Cledwyn went the extra mile.

      Not only was he running the kiosk but he also appeared to be ordering a lot of hotpots over the phone in Louise and Simon's Castle Coin Challenge.

      And then, he took on the very important role of Santa Claus in the Santa's Grotty Grotto trial.

      The man deserves a holiday…or a pay rise.

    • Natasha Rigler


      Before his shock exit from camp, Naughty Boy was shown telling his fellow celebrities about his friendship with Beyonce.

      The music producer, 40, teamed up with Queen Bey for the 2015 track Runnin' and descibed her as a "sweetheart".

      Fans were most stunned to hear his claims that she called him out of the blue, however.

      Naughty Boy reckons the American megastar bypassed agents and emails and just called him on his mobile while he was out driving one day to ask if they could do a collab.

      Tweeting about the former pizza worker's claims, one viewer said: "Naughty Boy ….from Domino's to calls from Beyonce, what a story #ImACelebrity."

    • Natasha Rigler


      Snoochie Shy has let slip a huge secret from behind the scenes on I'm A Celebrity.

      The Radio 1XTRA host, who was given the boot on Tuesday night, claims this year’s cohort has a little help when it comes to emptying the dunny.

      She told The Sun following her exit: “I was doing poo patrol, I loved poo patrol. I actually thought before coming in, I might have to drain the poo myself, but luckily didn't have to do that.

      “I just had to put the privy bowl thing into the cupboard. And then, someone comes and takes it out. I thought, before I went in there, that I'd have to drain it and see turds just flying all over the place. But luckily, I didn't have to do that.”

      Well poo'ed have believed it?

    • Natasha Rigler


      Ant and Dec made sure to deliver another blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the latest episode of I'm A Celebrity.

      Showing no mercy following allegations that a Christmas party was held at No 10 last December, the pair jumped at the chance to make another dig.

      Speaking after the campmates opted not to tell David Ginola they'd failed to get his letter from home, Ant said: "So they decided to cover it up.

      "If we've learnt one thing in the last 24 hours it's that you can't get away with covering things up."

      Dec added: "No that will come back to bite them at some point. It might take a year – but it will happen."

      Earlier in the day, the Geordie duo had even been mentioned in Prime Minister's Questions following their comments about the scandal on Tuesday night.

    • Natasha Rigler

      TOO MUCH

      Fans were left physically disgusted at Wednesday night's trial, Santa's Grotty Grotto, with some even retching at the sight.

      Simon Gregson and Danny Miller took on three grim tasks in a bid to win meals for camp.

      But it was the final challenge that really turned viewers' tummies.

      The pair had to crunch their way through fish eyes before each spitting the contents into a sherry glass. They then had to down the 'sherries' at the end of the trial.

      Unsurprisingly, it all came straight back up. Almost like my dinner.

    • Natasha Rigler


      EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt lost his cool in Wednesday night's I'm A Celeb as the pressures of camp got to him.

      The soap star was up bright and early doing his chores before deciding to take on Naughty Boy's too.

      He then blasted Naughty Boy for being a "sleeper" not a "doer".

      Someone had Naughty Boy's back though. Danny Miller later pulled Adam aside and told him the music producer is a "spiritual soul".

      He then warned him to rein it in. Ouch.

    • Natasha Rigler


      David Ginola is STILL waiting for his letter from home…and he's not happy.

      The footballing legend discovered on Wednesday night that Louise Minchin and Danny Miller had lost the chance to win the note from his girlfriend, Maeva Denat.

      After Danny broke the news, David told him: "It’s a bloody joke.”

      He then continued to moan in the Telegraph: "Once again I don’t have my letter.

      "That letter from my girlfriend would have boosted me a lot.”

      Fans have criticised Danny for even telling David that there was a chance of him and Louise winning the letter.

      "Danny, I don't think that was cool to tell David about the letter," one commented on Twitter.

      I kind of agree. Danny said he felt huge "guilt", so was he simply unburdening himself by 'fessing up?

    • Natasha Rigler


      Naughty Boy, 40, has come away from Gwrych Castle 'a man'.

      He has also learned that making your own bed of a morning is good way to start the day.

      AND he has a date with Arlene Phillips.

      The Strictly Come Dancing star, 78, formed a close bond with Naughty Boy during her time on the show and it seems their friendship will continue now he is out.

      NB told hosts Ant and Dec that he and Arlene have 'got plans' to meet up.

      It seems he's gained a lot from his time on the show!

    • Natasha Rigler


      Following Naughty Boy's exit, viewers have been sharing their thoughts on who they think should win this year's I'm A Celeb.

      And Simon Gregson's name has come up again and again on social media.

      Could this Corrie icon be the new King Of The Castle?

    • Natasha Rigler


      Naughty Boy certainly divided I'm A Celebrity fans from the second he stepped into camp right up until his exit.

      But some viewers are just wondering if the chart-topper is simply "misunderstood".

      Taking to Twitter, one commented: "I think naughty boy was misunderstood I am sad he is gone #ImACeleb."

      Another added: "I know people have strong opinions of Naughty Boy but I feel like he’s genuinely just misunderstood, he actually seems like such a sweet sensitive guy."

    • Natasha Rigler


      Naughty Boy is desperate to reunite with his mum following his time in the castle.

      The music producer said several times how excited he is to be leaving, as it means he will get to see her.

      Naughty Boy is his mum's full time carer, as she suffers from dementia.

      Whatever you thought of him in camp, you can't knock him for that.

    • Natasha Rigler

      A SAD LOSS?

      Naughty Boy's surprise exit has certainly left fans with mixed feelings.

      While some are rejoicing at his departure, others are sad to see the music producer wave farewell.

      Whether you were a fan or not, he certainly brought some drama to the camp.

      Summing it up nicely, one fan tweeted: "Noooo! Not naughty boy! It’s gonna be boring now! #ImACeleb."

    • Natasha Rigler


      Naughty Boy is emerging from the castle a man.

      At the grand old age of 40, he has learned…to make his bed.

      This is the fella who claims Beyonce pretty much has him on speed dial.

      Well, at least he picked up one new skill in there.

    • Natasha Rigler


      Naughty Boy is the fourth celebrity to leave the castle.

      He seems to be taking the news well, while hugging his campmates, and admits he cannot wait to see his beloved mum.

      Who will Adam moan at now for not pulling their weight?

    • Natasha Rigler

      WHO'S OUT?

      The fourth celebrity is about to leave…but who is it going to be?

      Bets are on Matty, according to Twitter.

      We're about to find out!

    • Natasha Rigler


      Well that really turned my stomach, I'm not going to lie.

      Was it a step too far when it comes to I'm A Celebrity trials?

      This fan thinks so: "This fish eye thing might be one of the most disgusting things they’ve ever done on here #ImACeleb."

      Another added: "I really wanna vomit right now #ImACeleb."

    • Natasha Rigler


      Kiosk Cledwyn deserves a pay rise in my opinion.

      His skill set has gone beyond being a bloke in a kiosk handing out the odd treat.

      Tonight he has also been a persistent caller to a hotpot factory AND taken on the role of Santa Claus.

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