I'm A Celebrity's stars sleep until lunchtime because trials and meals drag on past 3am, Ant and Dec reveal

I'M A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec have given viewers a look into the bizarre hours that are kept on the show to keep it running smoothly.

The pair revealed that the stars are forced to sleep in until noon each day – because they are up until the small hours filming trials.

Because of the topsy-turvy way the show is filmed since it moved from Australia to the UK, trials must take place after the live show.

That means many drag on until at least midnight – with the celebs not getting their main meal to cook until well after that.

The pair responded on Twitter to a fan who asked them: "The trials are recorded after the live show and the celebs eat after that?

"They must be up till about 3am! So what time are they waking up?"

Ant and Dec wrote back: "Around midday."

The weird hours explain the fact the castle is almost always shrouded in darkness except the moment the star wake up.

And with the celebrities staying up even later than Ant and Dec to eat dinner, they are likely to be sleeping in well into the afternoon.

The schedule on the show mirrors the one in Australia, where the trials take place after the live broadcast followed by the evening meal.

However, the time difference between the UK and the Aussie camp means it can all take place in one day without having to shoot through the night.

As The Sun revealed last month Ant and Dec are sharing a comfy £1,000 a week cottage near the castle in Wales.

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