I'm A Celeb's Mo Farah's wife in tears as he did his 'horror holes' challenge last night – because she found it so funny

I’M A Celeb star Mo Farah’s wife was left in tears as she watched him do the “horror holes” challenge last night – because she found it so funny. 

Joining via a video call to chat to Daily Drop Vick Hope and guests Lady Colin Cambell and Melvin Odoom, Sir Mo’s wife Tania revealed she thought his trial was “brilliant”. 

Laughing as she talked about Mo’s turn at fighting off the creepy-crawlies on I'm A Celebrity…, Tania said: “I was crying laughing. I just thought it was brilliant. 

“I didn’t think he’d react as scared as he did – he didn’t know what was in there so probably thought it was snakes in every box.”

The couple, who have twins – Aisha and Amani – born shortly after Farah's twin triumph at London 2012, and a son named Hussein who was born in 2015, have been together since meeting as students at a west London university.

Tania has another daughter named Rhianna and Mo traditionally celebrates his victories trackside successes with step-daughter Rhianna and Tania.

Speaking about the difficult challenge and her husband’s competitive nature, Tania said: “Nine out of 12 [stars] is not bad. 

“He’s always looking for the maximum, he always wants to perfect any challenge he does – so for him anything less than 12 would have been a failure, but that’s just the way he thinks.

“Even with board games with the kids – he doesn’t want to lose at anything.”

Tania added: “It’s a really different environment for him. Eat, sleep, train that’s been his life for the past 12 years. To do something like this takes him out of his comfort zone. I wasn’t sure how he’d get on. 

“Reality TV is not something he’s ever done before, so I was nervous for him and I know he was nervous but he seems to have settled in quite well, which is nice.”

At one point during the live trial, the Olympic champion had a snake on his shoulders. 

Laughing, Tania confessed: “That was probably my favourite part of the show – I’ve been waiting for him to face a snake for years – it’s his biggest fear by far. He’s petrified by them.

“I saw it on his face. It was like he went into a trance. He froze. It was like he’d left his head for a minute, I just thought that was brilliant.”

Discussing how the family was getting on without him, Tania said the children are missing him but she’s used to him being away when he's training.

She said: "It’s hard but it’s something that we’ve had to cope with since we first got together really.

"Mo was going away a lot from day one, so I had to get used to that pretty quickly."

“The [children] are, they miss him obviously, but the fact they’re able to see him, when he’s in training camp he’s up in the mountains and we don’t get to see him on screen, so they go months without seeing him. 

“It’s nice that they can tune in every night and watch him on the telly so they know where he is and what he’s doing, which has been nice for them.”

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