Influencer posts candid bikini snap to show you should ‘never compare yourself’

When people post pictures on social media, they tend to pick out ones that show them in the best light.

Striking a pose, working your camera angles and sticking a filter on top are ways to look more “flawless”.

But as a result, influencers can make their followers feel inadequate in comparison.

So to fight back against this issue, body confidence guru Karina Irby is taking action.

The 31-year-old swimwear designer, who lives in Australia, has started posting “candid” and “relaxed” snaps on her feed.

For her latest post, she snapped two very different images in a pastel green bikini.

In the first beach shot, Karina leans back on the sand to make herself look more toned.

She also holds her legs further apart to give them definition, as well as putting emphasis on her hourglass figure.

The second picture, which is equally as beautiful, shows the Instagram star in a much more natural state.

She sits down normally, which means you can see the natural folds of her skin as she grins widely towards the camera.

Karina captioned the image: “One second apart. This is just simply your friendly reminder to never make a negative comparison about yourself from someone’s pretty picture.”

Karina continued: “Naturally we always pose and try to look cute for a photo.

“We rarely/never share candid, relaxed moments we have.

“So here is mine.”

The Instagram post garnered more than 6,900 likes and dozens of positive comments.

One responder gushed: “Love this so much, we’re all beautiful from every angle.”

Another said: “You are an inspiration, keep it up.”

A third wrote: “Beautiful both ways. As always, so authentic and inspiring.”

And a fourth added: “This makes me feel so good. You’re so inspiring.”

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