Influencer shares brutal reality of TV fame – and what happens when it fizzles

Jodie Weston has warned people against going on reality TV shows when they’re “too young”.

The 27-year-old, from London, has appeared on shows like Channel 5’s Rich Kids Go Skint and Netflix’s 100% Hotter.

But as she was 23 or older when she signed up to the programmes, she felt like she was mature enough to handle it.

Jodie worries that those who are any younger won’t be equipped to handle fame and the aftermath of losing it.

She told the Daily Star: “I don’t think anyone under 22-years-old should be accepted onto a mainstream reality show.

“It’s far too young for the pressures that go with being on a reality show, and by making the age limit older, it definitely decreases the risk of youngsters having hit their career peak by 21-years-old, which I think is unbelievably sad!”

While many get sucked into thinking their careers will take off after they’ve appeared on TV, Jodie says this often isn’t the case.

She said: “I went on my first show at 23 and there was definitely some things I did which I wouldn’t dream of doing now!

“I was probably the right age to first enter the media industry.

“It was a show for MTV called ‘Fired by Mum and Dad’ and was shown in about 40 countries around the world including the UK.

“I definitely went on it thinking my life would change forever and it totally didn’t change at all. Nothing happened whatsoever!

“I got a bit of airtime, some social media followers and that was it.”

Instead of the overnight fame Jodie was expecting, she’s had to build up her following over the years.

She said: “I am actually grateful because my career has been on a steady incline for years.

“I have gradually got more and more known in the industry – it’s not something which just happened because I went on a huge show!

“Obviously people mainly know me from Rich Kids Go Skint but I’ve also been on 100% Hotter on Netflix, Lovesquad for MTV, Eating With My Ex on BBC and a few other things.

“Now I primarily focus on my music and DJing because I identify that as my talent and passion.”

In instances where people do attract large followings overnight, Jodie says it can be just as difficult to navigate.

As interest in reality TV stars dies down, many struggle to know what to do next in their careers.

The influencer explained: “A lot of people go on one show with a massive following and there is no other place to go from there but down.

“There are the odd few people from Love Island who have achieved amazing things.

“But when you look at how many have been casted in the show, which is probably in the hundreds now, the odds of you going on to do something big afterwards are pretty slim.”

While Jodie doesn’t want to deter anyone from following their reality TV dreams, she urges people to be cautious before jumping into the spotlight.

She warned other aspiring celebs: “It’s not all that it seems.

“You don’t go on a show and end up with a team of people around you pandering to your every need.

“If you want a team around you, you will have to pay for them, they aren’t given!

“I know that sounds obvious but people literally think that in the music or media industry you just have a team around you because you are so cool!”

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Jodie added: “You will also attract a lot of hate and jealousy because from the outside your life will seem so ‘perfect.’

“So If you are a people pleaser or sensitive to the opinions of others then stay out of the industry.

“But if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, are resilient and don’t care if people like or dislike you, then maybe it’s the industry for you!”

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