Inside Russian President Vladimir Putin’s $700 Million Aircraft

Vladimir Putin uses a presidential aircraft every time he needed fly across the country and even across the world. The flying palace of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been revealed to the public eyes when he went to Helsinki to have a big meeting with Donald Trump. The IL-96-300PU jet costs about $700 million which is equipped with the most advanced communication system which allows some communication to the command the troops in case there is some unexpected attack.

Although it might seem ordinary and plain looking plane on the outside, the Russian president’s flagship aircraft is a long haul airliner which is wide bodied and can easily be distinguished from the regular model of the said aircraft. When the pictures of the presidential aircraft was leaked to the public, the people were outraged at how lavish and luxurious the aircraft is and they believe that is it not really fair that the president is traveling with such luxury while some of the Russian nation are struggling. Russia is also spiraling into some massive debt following the western-imposed sanctions upon their attack to Ukraine.

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The Presidential Aircraft Used By Vladimir Putin

The Presidential aircraft of Russian is operated by the Rossiya Airlines used by the President of Russia and other government officials. The Il-96-300PU is a highly modified Il-96 and the last two letters is standing for the command point in Russian. There are about five modified Il-96s which have been used as the presidential aircraft. The first one was used by Boris Yetsin, the first President of Russia. The second aircraft was used by the current president, Vladimir Putin in 2005. The third one was used by Dmitry Medvedev in 2010 and announced that he wanted an expansion on the presidential fleet with additional two more aircraft which was then manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Plant which were delivered in 2012 and 2014.

The presidential aircraft is highly customized luxurious version of the stardard Il-96 model. It has extensive modification to cater the luxury and safety needs of the president. The Il-96 used by the presidents has some of the most advanced communications systems and even has laser anti-missile protection. It does look almost exactly the same basic model like the standard Il-96 on the outside but it does look luxurious and lavish inside the cabin.

The Interiors And Exterior Of The Aircraft

The exteriors of the aircraft are designed with some gold accents and dripping tapestries. There is furniture inside the plane and the interiors are finished off with some neoclassical style. The plane is also equipped with a spacious office used for the President’s day work. The jet used by Putin has the capacity of hitting a maximum speed of 560mph. The interiors of the aircraft were inspired by some Russian art. It was reported that the president even visited the ongoing work at the Voronezh plant to personally inspect the design while he was still a Prime Minister.

The aircraft has a beautiful and lavish bathroom, an impressive and spacious gym and a lavish bedroom which caused some outrage from the public when the pictures of the aircraft were leaked. It also has a Presidential suite with a massive office and a conference room. There is always a doctor on board and had access to some medical suite which can even be used as an operating room. The plane also has two kitchens which can even cater up o 100 people. The plane also has about 87 phones in total and a system that can be used for video-teleconference which enables the president to address the nation even when on board. It is also outfitted with some military technology in case of emergency and even some classified communications gear which can be used as defense in case the plane were to be attacked by missiles. The aircraft can be refueled while on the air which allows it to be a theoretically stay airborne indefinitely.

President Putin’s Usage Of The Aircraft

The president has about four planes in total in which he can choose which one to choose on his trips for security reason. As soon as the schedule for the president’s flight was announced, all the aircrafts will be prepared and readied however the specific plane to be used by Putin will only be determined once they took off. After the aircraft was finally chosen, either one of the three will then follow the aircraft the president has used as the president’s reserve. The presidential aircraft uses the same color scheme as the standard Rossiya aircraft except that there is some coat of arms of Russia and instead of the standard flag of Russia, the Presidential Standard on the empennage. For this reason, when Putin met up with Donald Trump, there were two presidential aircraft that arrived at Helsinki which were both anticipated in the said summit.

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